Thursday, October 8, 2009

6 Weeks to El Tour (and I am not nearly ready!)

Two things today:
1. I rode the cyclops for about 20 minutes, just wanting to do something today. Certainly a short workout, but it fits with my new mantra: keep riding.
2. I honestly just came to the realization that El Tour is a month and a half away. Granted, I am only doing the 35-mile route, but that is about three times farther than I have ever ridden at one time and I thought I would be much further along by now. I should have ridden more consistently in Aug and Sept. Got to try to make good progress now.

Next rides: an easy hour-long ride tomorrow before work. Then, a two-hour ride on Saturday, my longest time in the saddle. Um, yeah. Good times.

Keep riding.

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