Monday, October 12, 2009

...and for my next trick?!?!

Yes, the applause in my head is beginning to die down, as I get used to the results of my first "big ride" two days ago. I realize that to most cyclists, riding 23 miles in two hours without stopping is maybe just a warm-up. But for this "new-to-cycling" Clydesdale on a mountain bike, it was a major achievement. Slow and steady sweat is the grease of improvement. Um, now what?

Granted, I would be happy to just relax for awhile and bask in the glory of it, but cycling is not really a crowd pleaser and even my internal applause meter is settling down. Certainly, I can't give in to my previous mentality. For whatever reason, I think that I reached my current weight level by following logic and common sense:
1) if something makes you happy (like yummy food), then have some! and then, have some more!
2) if something makes you tired, sweaty and sore, then stop it...asap.


This thinking still makes sense to me...but if we followed this logic, then would we really have ever gotten off the couch to build bridges, grow food, invent cars and ipods, and help other people? In fact, by following my instincts, I could see us all ending up like the "advanced society" in "Wall-E", where everyone is morbidly obese and just sits around in these mobile recliners eating Taco Bell and watching tv. Sounds like a decent weekend when you have the house to yourself, but it is no way to go through life.

No, if I can become more fit through cycling, then I think just about anyone can. (Your mileage may vary.) I'm not ready to disclose my current weight, just realize that I am the largest person that I personally know (and have ever known) and have never been an athlete. Yet, after a few months of sporadic bike riding, I just rode my bike for 23 miles.

And in 32 hours, I guess I'll go do it again. Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Big Clyde,

Just read your recent blogs. Sounds like you had a great vacation and are back on the bike! Keep it up. I'm going forward with my plan, too.

Big Jude Scott