Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

I rode at 5:30 in the a.m. yesterday.  The cold front was moving in and it was pretty chilly.  I rode 12.25 miles in an hour, trying to increase my speed at times, then recovered for a bit...then repeat.  The wind wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, so it was a good quick ride, but cold.

Later in the day, we celebrated my girl's 14th birthday.  She is sitting next to me now while I type, so I am debating if I should blather on about the usual flood of memories that come to mind from our life together.  She is a wonderful young lady, but I confess that I miss the early days as well when we would play games like "Hey, that's my chair!" and we would do the "10 second tidy" when we cleaned up her room.  My wife and I are so blessed to have her (and her two tweeb brothers, as well!).  Our friends still wonder how we could have ended up with such great kids.  They are the joy of our lives.

I just sold my big boy bike (the Trek 4500), so I am moving into an exclusive relationship with The Grey Goose (the new bike).  Not fully used to it yet, but I'll give it a good breaking-in this weekend!  Looking for a good, long ride, regardless of speed...need to get used to being on the bike for longer rides in prep for the big upcoming race.

Question:  have you started listening to Christmas music yet?  I broke it out a few days ago.  I am embarrassed to say that Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas" is in my top 10 (okay, top 5). 


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have started listening to Christmas music already. It's sort of a tradition in my family to see who starts first. I think I won this year. Two in my top 5 are "Christmas Lullaby" by Amy Grant and "Please Come Home for Christmas" by Jon Bon Jovi.
Congratulations on selling your bike! I hope you like your new one.
Your biggest fan, Bookreader28

Big Clyde said...

Book, welcome back! You should do google video and check out the snl skit of "Jon Bovi", a Jon Bon Jovi tribute band. They try to do all Jovi music with opposite lyrics. Good times.

Big Clyde

Anonymous said...

I saw it, and I thought it was very funny.
I really like the picture of Fezzik you put on your page. You can't help if you're the biggest and the strongest... and you DO exercise!
Your biggest fan, Bookreader28