Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Big Saturday Ride

Bad news/Good news this morning.

The bad news is that while I was on my ride, I missed a nice waffle breakfast at home with the family. I love waffles...and I will now think of them all day.

The good news is that I did accomplish my goal of riding for two hours today (my normal ride is about 1 hour & 13 miles). During those two hours, I rode up some good hills and covered 23 miles. The time and mileage are far beyond what I have done before, so I am very happy (but still somewhat upset about missing the waffles...mmmm, so warm and syrupy). After all, while my family was stuffing their cute faces with waffles, I got to squeeze some disgusting energy gels from a foil packet into my mouth. (Note to time, don't let the foil packet touch the fillings in your teeth. Hard to explain the sensation, but trust me.)

Miraculously, still no weight loss since I started all of this in May...likely has to do with not altering my eating habits much, which are not great, and my inconsistency in riding. I am in a nice pattern now though and am going greater distances, so maybe weight will start coming off. Can't get sloppy now...the El Tour de Tucson now haunts me.

Keep riding.

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