Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's ride...12.8 miles

Early this morning, I went for a "quick ride" of 12.8 miles in an hour.   It didn't feel quick at all actually, it was tough and left me winded pretty often, given that the first five miles were uphill (climbing about 500 that alot?  It felt like alot).   The downhill part was fun, obviously, but does not last very long.  Have I mentioned that I am exceptional at going downhill?  Seriously, it is pretty much the only activity where gravity stops being my enemy and becomes my greatest ally.  I'm like a professional at going downhill on my big boy's the only time when I feel like I can possibly beat the typical 165 lb skinny cyclists out there.  Everyone gets to be good at something.

Anyway, at least I got my ride in this morning, which will help me prepare for longer rides this weekend.

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Big Clyde said...

Jude, it looks like I might have deleted your sorry. Can you re-send?

Big Clyde