Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's ride...21.5 miles

This morning, I started with a hill climb, then hit some headwinds as I rode a new route (in just under two hours).  The wind was a big challenge for me and I felt that the bike needed to be adjusted to fit me properly (which I did after work today).  I probably worked harder than I have before, but I was miserable.

I realize that I need to work on my inner demons that keep feeding me negative attitude was so bad during parts of the ride, because of the difficulty.  My friend J, who is an experienced cyclist, says that I am just not used to "suffering physically".  I've never really been an athlete, so I somehow missed the lessons of suffering through some tough training periods in order to gain improvement.  So, now when I am challenged while riding, I find myself doubting if I can keep going onward.  But that is just a mentality that I can work on and replace with a more positive outlook during a challenging ride.  I have to.

I went to my doctor for a routine check-up.  I've lost 6 lbs since I was in last April and my blood pressure was great (it had been creeping upward).

Next up:  a shorter, but intense ride on Wednesday, then a longer Saturday ride.  El Tour is 26 days away!

Keep riding,
Big Clyde


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your big ride! I could never do anything like that, and I think it's great.
Glad your check up went well.
Have fun on your ride tomorrow! I know you'll do well.
Has El Tour crept up on you? Or have you known all along how soon it is?
Your biggest fan, Bookreader28

Big Clyde said...

Thanks for the kind words (from my biggest fan!). I can't say that El Tour has crept up on me, because it is always on my mind, but I did hope to be farther along in my training than I am now. Nonetheless, I have 3 1/2 weeks of training ahead of me and I will make use of that time.

Big Clyde

Susietri said...

Pain is just fear leaving the body.