Monday, October 19, 2009

Vacation's over

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, wrote the poet, Robert Burns. One week ago, I intended to get right back on my bike and get more miles in. I was going to go out during the early morning, before we took a short family vacation. That would leave my wife to do all of the packing and kid-wrangling, which she was okay with. Yet, on that morning, I couldn't bring myself to take off for two hours leaving the burden to her. As it turned out, she did most of it anyway, but maybe I get points for hovering nearby.

We traveled to Prescott and Verde Canyon, AZ to see the fall colors, take a long train ride and walk around a town that was not littered with Circle K's, Subways, and strip malls. On the train ride, we even saw 6 bald eagles (or the same two eagles three times...the debate continues on that one). We finished the week by going to a Tim Hawkins comedy concert at Radiant Church in Surprise, AZ. It was a great night and seems like a fast-growing church. It had three jumbo screens, impressive a/v equipment, a cafe in the lobby and a drive through espresso hut in the parking lot (I'm not kidding)...I just wondered why there was no cross in the sanctuary/concert hall/studio. If I understand John 2: 13-23 correctly, Jesus might have been angry with this commerce in his Father's House and might have started flipping over tables and scattering the money-changers. Seriously, no cross in a church?!?

Anyway, busyness crept in and I have been off my bike for a week. The time with my wife and the kids was great! I have to keep reminding myself "don't look back at missed goals with regret...just keep riding". I will post again soon with my progress.

Big Clyde

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