Sunday, November 15, 2009

The last BIG ride before El Tour...36 miles!!

Great day for me today.  I rode my bike 36 miles this afternoon, which feels awesome!  When I started riding last May, I committed to riding the 36 mile route of El Tour de Tucson.  But life and other commitments would get in the way, so my training was off and on.  Until today, I wasn't sure if I could handle that distance.  But today confirmed that I can do it.  The race is 6 days away.  Very exciting for me.  My first race.

I did ride twice since my last post.  I rode for about 13 miles on Thursday, going at a faster pace than normal, then went for a fun ride with my boy Joe on Saturday. 

Back to today, my pace was slower than I would have liked, but I was trying to conserve energy for the longer distance and was battling some wind.  Given that it is almost never windy here, a 7-10 mph wind can mess with me.   Nonetheless, I did it (took me three hours, but I did it).  Good times.

Keep riding.

Big Clyde

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