Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To my few followers, thank you for signing up!

There are only four of you today, but I am so very grateful that someone is out there.  Sadly, I started the blog because I needed to dialogue (or whine) about my new efforts in cycling and hopefully, someone would encourage me along the way.   That has already happened from you followers and some other drop-in commentors.

Big Wind - The handsome follower with the glasses was my first and will support me no matter what...and not just because he is my father...he also married a wonderful lady 49 years ago, who has posted many times here.    Thanks, Mom and Dad!

SusieTri - My first non-relative (!) and a tri-athlete, competed in IronMan Arizona last week.  Thanks for the encouragement and insight.  How'd you do in Tempe, Susie?  Looking forward to reading all about it.

Snod66 - My best friend from grade school (who lives several states away).  Or could it be his much better half?  Either way, the lack of any comments and the lack of an avatar image, somehow looks creepy coming from a close friend.  The image somehow reminds me of the quiet kid in the back of the classroom that eventually winds up being interviewed by Chris Hansen on NBC's "To Catch a Predator".  Don't just sit on the stool in the kitchen eating cookies and drinking sweet tea!  Make a comment or something.  At least, submit a picture of yourself, so that you aren't looking so shadowy.

And Dan just dropped in today.  Looks like he just completed his first marathon!  Very cool.  Seems so daunting...I will likely stick to cycling.  They say the "century" (a 100-mile cycling race) is the cousin to the runner's marathon.  Maybe someday.  Thanks for following along, Dan.  Please pass on any advice...I'll put it to good use.

My thanks also to Duane and Cody who have jumped in with comments.   And finally, my sweet Bookreader28, thanks for the fun and encouraging comments.   I can't believe you really like Bon Jovi (but their Christmas song is pretty sweet!).

Big Clyde

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snod66 said...

It was my better half. You are now bookmarked. I may be "creepy", and only now getting caught up on your project, but I am also proud of you (I got tired just scrolling down...motivation hasn't struck yet...but who knows). See you soon.