Friday, December 4, 2009

Year-End Weight Loss Challenge - Report In for Week #1

Okay, given that we are reporting in each week on Fridays, please let us know how you are doing as of today.  Good or bad, we'll just keep encouraging each other and work toward our goals.

I'll start...with a big fat ZERO.  No excuses, I just didn't have a loss, so I'll have to make up for it next week. 

How did everyone else do?  Please let us know by posting a comment.  If anyone else wants to join in now, you are more than welcome!

By the way, here are the year-end goals for the group:
Me (Big Clyde):  10 pounds
Neighbor Ted:  12 pounds
Jude:  6 pounds
Bundy:  10 pounds
Lucy:  5 pounds
Big Wind:  6 pounds
Bookreader28:  5 sets of 45 min "steps"
Little Doll:  4 pounds
Jester:   3 pounds

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