Saturday, January 23, 2010

100 Miles in Five Days! Day 1 = 13 miles

As you may have seen, I have a goal for mileage each month of this year, 175 miles.  That actually may increase in later months, but believe me, it is an aggressive goal for me right now.  I was off to a good start during the first two weeks of January.  But now I've realized that my month will be cut short by a few days, including a weekend, so I've got to catch up and finish my 175 mile goal by the end of the day on Wednesday. 

I'm so grateful for some recent comments of encouragement, including the challenge by Larry to get my 175 in this month, issued last night.  That makes today "Day 1" of my challenge. 

Today, Saturday, I rode only 13 miles...not enough to keep me on pace, but I was delayed by the morning rains (we actually had HAIL last night).  Yes, hail in Tucson, Arizona.  I had some time to ride in the afternoon, but then had to head home to watch the kids, while my wife went to work.  

I'll post daily through Wednesday, logging in my miles.  Check the section on the right for the January miles to see my progress. 

Keep riding,

Big Clyde


Duane said...

Can I quote your avatar post?

Larry said...

You didn't "only" ride 13 miles... you RODE 13 miles! That's 13 miles more than not riding.

I would bet the Dude abides.

Keep it up. And when you think you've ridden enough, or think you're out of time and you have to quit, just ride one more mile. Each time you think it's time to stop, just ride one more.

Even if it's just circling your driveway or going up and down your street.

Always be thinking... One. More. Mile.

You can do this, you can make this goal. You can ride a hundred miles this week. I am telling you - You Can.

And I am right there with you. I was down in the dumps and feeling lousy when I came across your blog. You inspired me to get back on the bike, to never give up. And I cannot thank you for that. So I am riding with you.

I rode 22 miles yesterday because I am going to ride the 100 this week with you. It is raining today, but I am going to go out. Even if only for 4 or 5 miles. Because you and me are doing it together.

Keep riding.

Control the beast.

Big Clyde said...

Duane, of course you can use the Avatar thing! I'm glad it could be useful to you or others. Thanks for continuing to follow and for the encouragement.

Big Clyde said...


That is awesome! I am heading out again this afternoon and will report at the end of the day. Thanks for getting it done with me!

Though "Control the Beast" is fast becoming a favorite motto, I always tell myself to "keep riding" because of the sentiments that you mentioned. Regardless of the distance, how slow or fast I am going, etc., I know that I'll continue working toward better health if I just keep riding. Staying on the couch just leads to low energy, low self-esteem and an early grave. As I've said before, hope is not found on the couch. Must keep riding.

Thanks again, Larry.

Larry said...

I tried to comment on your Sunday post, but no comments section???

Today is Monday (for me) and despite FREEZING temps I managed to do 4.5 miles. I just couldn't take any more.

So ironically we both have 74 miles to go!

We can do this!

And I will say prayers for Doug and his family. Thanks for the heads-up.

Keep riding!

Control the beast!

Twice the Man said...

Clyde, thanks for the post on Men Getting Fit, I would be careful running at your weight and age, I am 40 and 245 at 6'1 and just easing into running. If the pounds are not dropping, it usually has more to do with diet so you may want to readjust there