Wednesday, January 27, 2010

100 Miles in Five Days! Day 5 = Goose Egg!

Okay, I will get no miles in today, but still pleased with my efforts over the past four days.   Got too busy as I headed out on the now infamous Mexico Hunting Trip.  I will do my best to eat well, not kill and not be killed.  God is with me, along with several good men with guns.  I am covered.

I have a few scheduled posts of random ideas that have been rolling around that will post while I'm gone.  Back in a few days. 

Keep Riding, everyone!

Big Clyde


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ok you have guts, I would never hunt in Mexico

OldChainRing said...

I'm with Big Daddy D. Hell, I think people are huntin' humans down there. Hope you get back to keep up the blog. Mixing in the run with the biking is a good change up. I need to try that.

Duane said...

Looking forwar to your hunt report!

CactusFreek said...

Good luck with not getting shot :o)