Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Goals and Events

My blogging slowed down dramatically in December, as did my riding.  I started this blog as my excitement for my first cycling race was approaching.  Though the 35 mile route of El Tour de Tucson is low mileage for many cyclists, it was major for me and I am proud of what I did.  But once that goal was achieved and the colder weather set in, I left the bike in the garage except for some smaller social rides.

Now, it is time to get back to it.  I started the riding in May of '09 simply to lose weight and become more healthy.  I made good progress in that area, but it can slip away quickly if I don't get back in the saddle.

So, here are the 2010 goals that I'll be working towards:
  • 2,100 miles on the bike, which is about 40 miles per week and 175 miles/month.  Even doing three easy rides per week, this should be easily achieved, but I need to work on longer rides* (regardless of the speed for now).  This is not really an aggressive plan, but should develop the "consistency" habit that means I will always be doing something.  Follow my progress on the right in yellow.
  • El Tour de Tucson - 66 mile route (11/10).  This seems as much of a challenge as my 35 miler, based on my training last year.  The only caveat would be if one of my kids or my wife wants to do their first race on the 35 mile route.  I'd love to do that with them.
  • Tour of the Tucson Mountains - 27 mile route (4/10).    This should be an easy ride, but I will be doing it with Crazy Jim, who is newer to cycling.  Still this will be another milestone event for me to train for, working on some endurance and speed.  Each race will be a learning experience.
  • Casa Grande Century - 34 mile route (1/10/10).    Wish I had been cycling in December, because I will be doing this race without good preparation.  Nonetheless, it will be miles and I'm glad to finally have a follow-up to El Tour. 
  • Weight loss - I'm still not comfortable putting my numbers out here, but I will focus more on what I eat in 2010 (didn't pay much attention in '09, hoping that the cycling alone would do didn't).  I am forecasting that I will lose about 40 pounds in 2010.
  • Distance* - I realize now that I made two mistakes in my training in 2009.  Most importantly, I didn't train consistently...I had great months, then 3-5 weeks of inactivity.  Secondly, I focused too much on speed, rather than distance.  I need to develop enough stamina to go on much longer rides.  As it is, I turn down my friends very often because a Saturday ride for them might be 40 miles, which seems too challenging for me...probably more of a mental block, than physical, and I need to get past that.  Need a "big ride" at least twice a month...start with 21 miles as a minimum for a "big ride".
Finally, I should say that everything else in my life is going very well right now (family, work, health, friends, faith)...I have been blessed with these positive things in my life and I believe that God is calling me to finally get serious about improving my health.  I will not waste this time.

Keep riding everyone!
Big Clyde

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memoirs of this binge eating triathlete said...

Yes! You nailed all the important things for a triathlete. Base miles & consistancy. That kind of knowledge of what needs to be done usually takes longer for an endurance athlete to recognize. Good luck, i look foreward to reading about it.