Sunday, January 10, 2010

Casa Grande Century - done and done!

Today, I rode the 35 mile route of this race, which was really more of a numbers, no medals, no timed starts/stops.  Regardless, it was distance and one of my race events that I listed on my 2010 goals.  Nice to scratch one off the list!  Also, I rode 47 miles this week, exceeding my weekly 40-mile goal.

I rode with new riding buddy Graham, and my good friends Jim and Lisa.  They are all great cyclists with many miles in their past.  But today, they wanted to settle in and ride at my pace, the entire way.  We averaged about 13 mph, which is about what I expected I would do.  It was slightly slower than my El Tour pace, but that had a lot of downhill miles.  So, in spite of no training in December, I am pleased with the pace and the miles completed.  Here they are:  Graham, Lisa and Jim...still smiling after our ride!
Mostly, I want to say how blessed I am to have these friends that slowed their game to be with me.  Neighbor Ted would have come along, but had to attend a funeral.  Our thoughts were with you (and you called like 5 times!).

And Graham, Lisa and Jim, if you are reading this, I can assure you that you moved high up the list where I rank my friends.    You guys are near the top!  (I keep the top two slots open, just to keep everyone striving for improvement!).  Sorry, Neighbor Ted...I know you had to attend a family funeral, but you still missed our ride and I have a zero tolerance policy...back 8 spaces down the list for you.

Keep riding!

Big Clyde


PrettyWoman said...

Hey Big Clyde, start by watching "Food Inc" or at least Google the trailer and watch it.

Email me and we'll talk.

RockstarTri said...

Congrats on the 35. Friends help push you in the right direction but you still had to get it done yourself. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Good job Dad. I'm so proud of you and I'm glad that you're so committed to your riding. Even though you sometimes forget about your bike and leave it in the garage for days, you've never backed out of a big ride or race that you're committed to. I'm glad you got to go on this ride with your friends and I'm sorry I didn't wake up in time to say good luck to you. :) I love you so much!


OldChainRing said...

Nice job on the 35. Way to go at keeping your commitment. It says something about your resolve. Also, who the heck is this Neighbor Ted? He seems real good for your self-confidence...NOT! Its probably good that he did not join the ride. The din in your ear about how you are on the wrong bike could have been overwhelming. Your bike is a fine tool and is built to get the job done. Enjoy it. Ride On!