Saturday, January 2, 2010

The "Final-Exam" bad dream...on a bicycle

I realize that is a strange title, but I can explain.  It seems like there are a few dreams that most of us share:
  1. The flying dream - This is an awesome one!  When will this be available in pill form? (and still be risk-free, won't make you stupid and be legal).
  2. The underwear dream - This usually occurs when I am feeling behind or stressed at work and somehow, in my dream, I am running around trying to get my work done, despite being in my pajamas or underwear.  Don't deny it...I'm sure you have had this dream too.
  3. The "final exam" dream - I find myself in some classroom where I realize that I am about to sit down to take a final exam in chemistry or economics.  I remember that I had signed up for the class long ago, but just kept avoiding the class, homework, etc. and now it is time to take (and tremendously FAIL) the final exam.  I still get this one, eventhough I took my last final exam in 1988.
Well, I basically lived the "final exam" dream at a party last night.  We were all having a good time, then Neighbor Ted and our buddy Graham said "So, we're on for next Sunday.  It's going to be fun!"  "Uhh, next Sunday?," I said.  Neighbor Ted said "Yeah, we all agreed to do the Casa Grande Century (bike race) on January 10th."

From the back of my brain came the realization that we had committed to do this race (somewhat recently, in fact), but I had forgotten about it, or at least how soon it was coming.  And by the way, I have not been riding much at all over the past three weeks either.  Though I had committed to only doing the 35 mile route, I still should have been working up to it.  I had the same feeling that I have when I get the "final-exam" dream...oh, I'm so busted.   I will do it, but it will be slow-going.  Ugghh.

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