Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today's Ride...20 miles, Flat*!

In many ways, January is a re-start to my cycling efforts.  November was this intensive month of new milestones for me in my distance and frequency, all culminating in my first big race at the end of November (yes, someday soon I'll quit talking about it!).  Then, December was basically a time for me to do some casual rides with friends, avoid the colder weather outside and restore some balance by spending time with family.  All of that equalled "no training miles" in December.

I have been feeling it on my rides this month, until today.  I rode 20 miles in 90 minutes (a "low-to-medium" distance for me), but I can feel my speed and strength coming back to where I was in November.  Only now, I am riding more miles than I did then (per week).  The year is starting off well.  Better food choices, more miles on the bike and a detailed plan for the year with supporters (who are watching).

Did my 20 miles today and was going for another quick 3 around the back part of our neighborhood when I got a flat tire*.  No compressed air tubes and I was close to home, so I walked it in, will fix it tomorrow after church and then, do another 20 to get my 40 miles in for the week.

Keep Riding!

Big Clyde


RockstarTri said...

If you are doing a lot of riding on the roads you may want to consider getting less knobby tires. Slicks will make it seem as if you are flying as they will cut down on friction and road resistance. Of course, if you are going on the trails you'll need some knobs.

Make sure that you pump up your tires before every ride and since you are a larger rider you need to be right at the max pressure for the wheels/tires(mountain biking has different inflation rules though).

Good job on the Andrew Jackson (20!). I'm sure there will be a time where you think this is a short ride.

Big Clyde said...

Thanks for the comments. Once these wear out, I'll look at thinner tires...great idea. I didn't pump them up yesterday (or after the 35-miler last week), so maybe I popped them?! Will pump them up each time from now on.

Big Clyde

Larry said...

Hey, great blog! After 15 years of being overweight (as much as 75 lbs over), and dozens of yo-yoing diets and exercise routines, I finally got a road bike this winter.

I had no idea if I could even ride 3 miles, but after only about ten rides I am up to 10 to 12 miles a day. And I love it. It's the first exercise EVER that I don't hate or get bored with. Hopefully I can get to 20 miles or more like you.

Your blog is great. Here's to you - keep riding and keep eating right. "Better food choices" - that's what it's all about. For you and me.

Keep riding and keep blogging. You're an inspiration to all us fat guys out there!