Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Food Thing

Yes, I know it is a creepy and disgusting picture.  But it is also kind of cool and for me, represents the love/hate feelings I have toward my new plan of eating more healthy foods.  Let's face it...for many of us, pizza and pancakes seem a lot more appetizing than an apple (especially, THIS apple!).

I don't know how many people read this, but my recent posts have been about my frustrations in the lack of weight loss I have had since I started cycling last May.   Though I would have brief periods of eating well, I really have not changed my food choices since exercising.   Consequently, I have not lost weight.

My friend Larry wrote a great comment in this recent post "I Been Thinkin..." that contained this line:  You will NEVER lose weight unless you eat less and eat better.  Others have made similar comments.

So, today I will go to the grocery store and make sure that the kitchen cabinets and fruit bowl are stocked with foods that are healthier and will fit with my plan.   I'll weigh in tomorrow and likely weigh once a week.  I may or may not post my weight for awhile, but it is time to benchmark it.  Until now, I would only check it every few months.  My friend Tony also wrote about drinking lots of green tea.  I lived in Japan and it was a staple there, but I need to study up on its health benefits (toward weight loss?  exercise recovery?).

I also wanted to end with a quick comment about this blog.  The initial focus was simply on the cycling project, mostly leading up to a big race.  The ramp up toward that race was fun, but it is morphing into an overall healthy lifestyle change for my life.  Having said that, I also want it to be interesting to people and I don't want to just focus on what I ate or how I exercised each day.  So, I'll continue to have other content like Music Monday (every two weeks) and some of the everyday life stories that come to mind.  I'd appreciate your comments, as always, as to what is of interest to all of you.  Thanks for reading.

Controlling the Beast,

Big Clyde


Jennifer said...

I stumbled upon your blog via a kind comment you left on another blog. The whole eating/exercising discussion that has been going on is one I sure needed to hear. Obviously I've heard it a thousand times but hearing it from people that are doing and trying to do the same things I am made the points more intense and worthy of the work. Good luck! I'll be joining you in the decreased food intake efforts this week.

Big Clyde said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I should have done this months (or years ago). I hope this goes well for both of us! Please let me know how you are doing this week.