Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks For The Feedback!

I am very grateful to all of you (and also to those who have been e-mailing me)!   The responses have been informative and encouraging.  I am taking it all in like that dog in the old RCA ads...

Today, I'll work, then the family and I are away for a few days.  I will use this time to let the comments settle in, develop a simple plan and move forward.  While on the trip, I'll do my best to make good decisions.

The essence of the plan will be two-fold: 
  1. It's time to do something about my food intake.  I hoped that the cycling alone would do it.  It doesn't.  I need to be aggressive about less calories, better food and more water.  Message received.
  2. The second major element is to move each day, mostly cardio, but some weights as well.  Whether cycling, walking, steps, or won't matter, as long as I'm moving daily.  My new goals should reflect that.
I just re-read this and realized that I forgot to say something very important to me:  I will do this!  I will make strong improvements in my health by losing weight and getting stronger.  I know I can.

I am blessed to have such great support from all of you and my family.  Thank you.


Sean Anderson said...

Anytime my friend.

My best always

Zeusmeatball said...

Anything ya need, you got the email ;)

As Ever

Twice the Man said...

Your essence is right on target!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck!!

Cody the Clydesdale said...

I'm a former 292 pounder (198 now), so I know how hard it can be, you can do this!

As far as the calorie thing, try It was the only thing I found to help me lose weight w/out being overly hungry, losing to much to quickly, losing weight to slowly, & yo-yo dieting. You can get 15 days free, then after that click on the 15 day free link to get a 2nd 15 day free trial. you'll know if it works for you in 30 days.

I'm rooting for you buddy!

One day closer to Him, Cody