Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3.2.10 Your Own Personal Countdown

Today, is March 2, 2010.  Joe, my clever 8-year-old boy, was heading off to school this morning when he said "hey Dad, today's date is three-two-one-zero!"  That is very cool.  I didn't see that coming.  I told him "that has never happened before and never will again in our lifetime".

Today, I talked with a friend who is struggling with tremendous financial issues.  I so much wish that I could help him, but my small offering wouldn't come close to making his problems go away.   He is wondering how (or if) he will ever overcome this.

He reads this blog and knows about my struggles with my weight and exercise.  Not that long ago, I also was wondering if I was just stuck for the rest of my life with my bad habits, my current weight, my pathetic fitness level (and now I might have some tendonitis in my knee)...would I ever overcome this?  Both of us were feeling down.

Back to my boy, Joe.  He seemed so excited about the numbers.  Throughout the day, I started thinking of it as a countdown to some blast-off.  Whether it is the launch of a space shuttle, or the beginning of a race, the action usually starts after the countdown, 3-2-1-0!

So, if you need a kick in the pants, or some reminder that the world starts over every day, then maybe today is your own personal countdown.  You can begin to change your life tomorrow, maybe even in a very small way, but it can change.  Even that space shuttle starts moving very slowly at the beginning of it's amazing journey.

3-2-1-0   GO!


guinnemick said...

Great story. I didn't even think about the date, today.

Children have a great way of helping us put our lives into prospective without them even knowing that they did. I just hope the countdown I have isn't to my demise.

Did you tell your wife about Starbucks?? Again, keep in mind the name thing. Dave and Hotness does sound a little, well, "strange"... I should have asked that girl for her phone number though. Just one more missed opportunity...

Your a good man, and a good friend. Your offering to your struggling friend, I am sure was well received. I bet he is glad he has someone like you in his life right now that, even though your little offering wouldn't make a dent in his situation, at least your there to offer. I'm sure he will get through this, and maybe it will help him build a little more character.

As for your tendentits,I have it both elbows and my own knee, so I know a thing or two about taking care of it. Make sure you stretch it out good every morning, and ice it at night. Take ibprofen not tylenol. Use some form of Icy Hot to help loosen up the muscles and the joint. Also. drink a lot of water. Water is amazing, and does amazing things to help your body heal naturally. If all else fails, I have some DMSO you can use. If any of you are into your bodys, you should know what DMSO is and the benefits of it. I just don't know if your man enough to handle the initial effects.

Ok I have written enough.

Wait, one more thing... Your on the right track and I know you will achieve your goals. I am proud of you. Most people wouldn't even get off of the couch to try. Your already winning the war my friend.

Harry Lips said...

We can all use a swift kick in the pants everyday. Heck, I can use one every few hours. As far as the 3-2-1-0...I'm looking forward to 12/12/12...I figure anyone that had to test a microphone will get a kick out of that day.