Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Big Bowl of Candy

This has been a busy 24 hours. 

My daughter has a tiny fracture in her finger from her 2nd day on the volleyball team.  The doctor's report called it a "tiny avulsion fracture involving the volar aspect of the middle phalangeal base of the right fifth finger with intra-articular extension."  I am amused by the technical language but feel bad/proud that she actually has a sports injury (rare in my side of the family).  She'll be fine.

My boys, ages 11 and 8, had two buddies over for the "ultimate boys sleepover".  They wrestled, they roasted hot dogs outside, they played video games and watched movies.  It is amazing how many times I heard the words "you just got pwned" and the word "dude". 

And they brought candy...bags and bags of candy.  (See the "after" picture on the right.)  They poured Mike & Ike's, M&M's, Reese's Pieces, Skittles, sugared Orange Slices, Swedish Fish, Junior Mints and someone accidently bought something called "Almond Joy Bites" (which taste as bad as they sound) and threw it all into a big bowl.   They ate from this bowl of sin off and on from afternoon, into the evening until we finally pulled it.  Nights like this are exactly why the terrorists hate us.

Anyway, that big bowl of candy seemed to follow me, because I would remove it from them and it would end up in the kitchen, or on the breakfast table, etc.  This is the first time we have had candy in the house in a long time (except for months' old Halloween candy that no one dares to eat or ironically, throw away). 

So, I am struggling to avoid this big bowl of temptation as I try to maintain my low-calorie budget.  I have been solid nearly all week.  But I caved a bit on this 5th grade sleepover.  4-5 handfuls of candy, 2 hot dogs, and 2 days before my next weigh-in.  Guhhh.

On a positve note, I did entirely pass up the pancakes made for the boys.  Now, I'm off to a wedding, then getting ready for family to arrive tomorrow.  Think they'll serve carrot sticks and string cheese at the wedding reception?

I'll have to get some time in tonight to work off those handfuls of candy.  Weigh-in is Monday and I have challenged Massive Marcus to see who has the lower weight as of Monday, given that we were the same last week. 

Marcus, did you somehow set-up this sleepover for my boys as a strategy to win? 

And on a totally separate note, Marcus, Pizza Hut is selling all pizzas, any size for only $10!  Why don't you treat yourself to a XL totally deserve it!

See you Monday.

Big Clyde


midlife_swimmer said...

that right there is messed up! trying to tempt him and stuff.

Massive Marcus said...

You made me laugh Clyde. I wonder if that qualifies for a tick on my temptation sheet? Hmmm virtual temptations.

Big bowls of anything is a problem at my house. I had to ban the big bowl of assorted shell on nuts. The nut cracker would sit in the bowl with them and anyone sitting at the table would be eating them without even thinking about it.

I've been watching Rocky training montages imaging you are my opponent Clyde. I got the eye of the tiger! LOL.

2 days till the showdown!

Tricia said...

I'm going to a girls' slumber party tonite and hoping the same fate doesn't await me. Am I a terrible person for thinking that Almond Joy Bites sound awesome??

I guess if you wanna be a real nerd, you can pack your own snacks to take to the wedding reception. Just put them in your fanny pack. Nerd.

Side note, I like how the medical description of the finger is so over-the-top, but I guess there's no medical word for "tiny." I like that.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am drooling over that pizza, I freaking love pizza, especially all meat

Sean Anderson said...

Bless her heart!

I smiled big when i read that you were "proud" to have someone in your family with a sports injury. That's good! I like your sense of humor!!
There was a way to enjoy some of that candy within your calorie budget. Making sure that "nothing is off limits" has been a big psychological benefit for me on this road. If you decide to have some---and you count it toward your calorie budget, then you haven't done anything wrong. "What if it was impossible to cheat?" is the title of a blog posting from me a long time ago...and it discusses this mental maneuver. You understand the concept...if you tell yourself that something is "off limits," and then you have some---the psychological damage is far greater than the actual damage. But if you choose to include some within your budget as a treat, it's all a part of your masterful plan. See?
80% mental---20% food and exercise. It's so true.

Marcus---if you order that pizza---go with the thin crust, it's the best calorie value! ;)

My best always