Thursday, March 18, 2010


Okay, I know that this topic has nothing to do with anything health or fitness related (at least for humans), but there was a brief debate in our family yesterday and I would like your opinions.

Our extended family was doing this home improvement project at my in-laws and my sister-in-law came in and apologized for being late, because she was "at the emergency room".   We all stopped working and looked up and started asking "who was hurt, what happened?", etc. 

She said " real emergency, I just had to take Freckles in to donate blood".   Everyone just nodded and went back to work.

Freckles is their cat.  It's real name is not Freckles, but I don't know the real name and I don't care because it's a cat.  Her point was that the cat went to the emergency room to donate blood.

Without even thinking about it first, I blurted out "you can't call it donating, if you are taking her blood from's not like she signed a waiver and knew she was doing a good deed."   Still everyone is looking down and doing their work, more diligently than ever before.  Is this a hot topic?

She responded saying "it IS a donation, because I set down her little cat-carrying bag in the middle of the room and she jumped right into it...the only time I take her anywhere is to donate blood.   So, she was happy to get in the bag, happy to go to the emergency room and she is happy to donate blood". 

To me, this seems like the same scenario as when vegetarians decide that their pets will also be vegetarians.  That way, pet owner and pet are united in their conscious choice to eat veggies and whole grains only (except the animal doesn't really make that choice themselves).

My sister-in-law is awesome and I let it go...but it has stuck in my head.  I suppose there must be a need in animal hospitals for extra blood.  What about dog blood?!?  It obviously goes to good use, but......

Can I get a ruling on this one?


Big Daddy Diesel said...

ummmm....*scratching head*....ummmmm



Lets just say, I would never do it to my animals.

Tricia said...

As someone who owns a cat, I feel as though I must step in here. My an asshole. He only cares about sunlight and cat treats. I am fairly sure he lacks compassion for other cats in need of blood. He has little to no compassion for MY blood seeing as how he causes me to bleed so often. He would probably donate blood with the same shitty response he gave when being neutered. The end.

Cody the Clydesdale said...

LOL! Great post! Now I'm curios. If u find outthe answer please share

Bookgirl95 said...


Remember that one time when we went with that same aunt for a ride in our car? We passed by a kitty wandering the streets.
"OH THAT POOR KITTY!!!!!!" she got sad and everything, just like anyone would. (She's a vet.)
But she was still talking about it twenty minutes later.

Randomly from the backseat, I said, "Did you know that every time someone sneezes, a kitten catches on fire?"

It's a joke. Someone told me that once, and I laughed.

My aunt did not laugh.

I don't think any of our cat-comments help our family relations.

Big Clyde said...

Based on your comments so far, these are my thoughts:
Big Daddy Diesel - I'm with you...couldn't do it to my dog.

Tricia - You are being naive...your cat is really a vampire (but you really know that, don't you). You said it is preoccupied with sunlight and making you bleed? Yeah, it's a cat-vampire. Rare, but very real. Be careful.

Bookgirl95 - yes, we better lay off the cat comments around her.