Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Farewell to Neighbor Ted

This is a sad time for me, friends.  Neighbor Ted is gone...out of my life. 
Neighbor Ted (early in the morning, with the sun in his eyes)

He has foolishly decided to move to South Carolina or North Carolina (I don't sweat the's basically far away from here).  He is making this move because his wonderful wife, newborn son and everything he owns has recently moved there and he wants to be with them...instead of being my neighbor.  That's fine.  He's made his choice.

You might recall mention of Neighbor Ted in past writings (It's NOT a Mountain Bike (So, don't call it that).  He received grief from some of you when he insisted on calling my new bike a mountain bike (which is untrue), then sarcastically called it the HUCC-B, which has somehow stuck. 

Of course, he did teach me a valuable lesson regarding cycling, fitness and life.   Read:  There Is No "Normal"

You also might recall that, because he pulled out of riding with me in the Casa Grande Century ride (to attend a family funeral), I had to move him down in my ranking of friends to a very low spot in My Top Ten (Casa Grande Century). 

To be fair, buying me breakfast on his final day in Tucson, did move him upward on my list.  But by driving out of our neighborhood for the last time, he has definitely moved himself back down to his lowly ranking.  Sorry Neighbor Ted, you did this to yourself.  Don't blame me.

I do want to show one more picture of something totally awesome.  This is a tire from Neighbor Ted's mountain bike, after a serious crash.  It looks very cool and he should display it in his garage at his new house.  It will show the new neighbors what your made of, dude.
Seriously, Ted, I know we will stay in touch and our families will see each other again.  It just won't be the same without you (until the new neighbors move in).  Enjoy reuniting with your family and godspeed!


RockStarTri said...

A man with such misplaced values (following wife, son, and everything he owns) won't be missed! Well, maybe a little. Sorry, sounds like you'll miss your friend.

And you know the new neighbors will be weirdos...

JoAnn said...

I mean, did he even CONSIDER your feelings in making this decision. Sounds like he put his wife and child ahead of your very loyal friendship and that's just a terrible thing!

Hopefully your NEW and improved neighbor will be a biker too (and not with a motorcycle).

Anonymous said...

Sorry Tim... I just like them better.


CactusFreek said...

That Tim is so rude! And to rub salt into your wounds by commenting here is just totaly underhanded! ;o)

It's sad when people move on in our lives. It's like they take a little part of us with them.
But hey, you have us :o))

Big Clyde said...

Ah, good comments everyone! Yes, Neighbor Ted does seem selfish in his choices, but his wife and baby boy are pretty great so I'll take my defeat gracefully (as I always do).

As you might have guessed, I will miss my friend very much, as will the rest of the neighborhood. The guy is a class act.

Twice the Man said...

what kind of guy would pick his family over a neighbor .... well i guess a pretty good one, hope you have an even better new neighbor soon