Monday, March 8, 2010

Weigh In - Week 1

On March 1st, I started a new thing...counting calories.  Each day of this past week, I counted between 1700-1900 of them.   I tried to not waste any calories on junk, but I was not eating dirt and sprouts all week either. 

As for the poundage, I can say that my weight last Monday was as high as it has been for the past many years and I have never really been higher.   In fact, I once heard a comedian say that fat people shouldn't say that they are "overweight"...if they have been at that (heavy) weight for a long while, then they are just "maintaining"...that was me.  I have been "maintaining" my weight at a very high number for the past 5-6 years or so.

Can I just point out that I think that we Americans would be a lot happier disclosing our weight if we measured it like the British do, in stones?  I am weigh A LOT OF POUNDS, yet in Great Britain, I weigh less than TWO DOZEN STONE (no, they don't pluralize it...and yes, if you are that curious, you can go google the stone to pound conversion, while the rest of us sit here and wait for your OCD self).

Anyway, in the past week, I lost 4 pounds (about 1/3 of a stone...a small rock, really).  That is good...but for a big guy, that's almost like a party trick.  A big guy can do that over a weekend, if he works the digestive system correctly.

Now I have to do it again.  Stay tuned.

Big Clyde


Zeusmeatball said...

Don't make 4 pounds feel small man! 4 pounds is an awesome week. I wish that I could get 4 pounds every week but I just can't any more, the smaller I get the harder it is to get those big numbers. Keep doing what you are doing and you WILL lose the weight, if you need anything you gots my email.

Keep up the good work my man.

As Ever

RockStarTri said...

Good job!

Sean Anderson said...

And you will do it...again and again. Consistency will take you to amazing places. I'm so very happy for you!!!!

That's the way to do it. See? You knew it all along---You have the power my friend.

My best always

Big Daddy Diesel said...


midlife_swimmer said...

great job! I LOVE the count!

guinnemick said...

Good job brother.

Blue~ said...

Being one of those that measure in Stones and all - and just about the same number of them as you, I had to giggle -- you talk of measuring in my numbers while I have been converting to your numbers so that y'all know what my numbers mean - Gratz on the 4lbs - 4 less to go. From me over here - to you over there....Race Ya! (I was actually joking lol)