Monday, March 29, 2010

Weigh In - Week 4

Weight Change:  Lost 3 pounds

Total Loss since 3/1/10:  13 pounds

Today, I'm feeling:  Good, happy with the plan.
Here's what happened last week:
Food:  I ate very well this week, averaging about 1,700 calories per day, with only a couple of mess-ups.  Incidently, there are a lot of "tasty" low-cal foods out there.  To the right, you can see a picture of me enjoying a nice high-fiber lunch.

Liquids:  Tons of water, quite a bit of the Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus.  Those 2x4's can sure make a guy thirsty!

Exercise:  Some walks during the week.  Need to step this up.

Confessional:  Two mess-ups, the first was on Monday (The doctors at the asylum here call it my "dark-time").   Oddly enough, cereal seems especially delicious to me, right after a Monday morning weigh-in.  A LOT OF CEREAL!  But then, I shook it off and had a great week.  I was a cereal-killer on Monday morning (two good-sized bowls, so 4 cups?).  The second big mistake was noted in my previous blog about the Big Bowl of Candy.  Enough said.  Neither one sent me above 2,100 calories, but still.

Weight Loss Highlight of the Week:  No real highlight this week, except that I was extremely motivated by my competition with Marcus to see who could lose more.   Thanks, Marcus. 

My goals for this week:
Maintain a daily calorie count of 1,700.
Workout 6 times (at least w/ a 30 minute walk). Bike miles would be even better.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

Big Clyde


Larry said...

Congrats on the initial loss. Beware though - I experienced the exact same thing. Losing weight without exercising is water-weight. It will come back in a flash unless you work your heart and muscles. But you're off to a great start.

That said, this is my last comment on your blog. Or any blog for that matter.

My friend and co-worker's death affected me greatly. I decided to add up the time I spend in front of my PC. And it was chilling. I realized that these short little moments I spend online reading or commenting on blogs added up to over four hours a week.

Four hours a week that I could be spending outside exercising, or outside just enjoying the day or night, or inside being with the family or something to better the short, short time we have here on earth.

So I'm leaving the blogosphere as they call it. I'm getting on my bike and riding those four hours a week I've been wasting.

Not to lose weight, but because God gave me a gift - the ability to ride. Something so many others would give anything to be able to do. Losing weight is simply a bonus.

I wish you all the best. You helped me, inspired me, and entertained me. I know the fight is a tough one, but please don't quit. Please don't continually search for the "easy" route. There is none.

Perhaps our paths will cross one day at a bike ride here in Texas or in your part of the country. Or somewhere else. I hope so. And maybe we'll see each other and say, "Hey, you look great!"

Thank you for everything. I'm going outside to enjoy the gift of life. Before it's gone.

Keep riding.

Never give up.

RockStarTri said...

You are doing great! They say that after 21 days it becomes a habit. You are making success a habit.

Jennifer said...

Congrats! You are having a great month ~ it is inspiring to 'hear' your progress reports ~ the good, bad and ugly. Nice work!!

Tricia said...

Cereal and a handful of candy hardly qualify as "mess-ups". You showoff! You're doing awesome. Keep it up and the next time you decide to propose a challenge, I want in!

How did Marcus do anyway??