Friday, March 19, 2010

Who is the World's Strongest Man?

Yesterday, I was watching ESPN2's World's Strongest Man competition with my two boys (ages 8 and 11). My boys kept pointing out that I could probably "win that thing".   As we watched it, they actually were talking it through saying, "dad could do what those guys are doing...maybe even faster".  My youngest even asked why I never tried out for it.  But they seemed happier that I was with them on Spring Break, rather than at the competition in Malta.

After thinking about it for awhile, I think it is because those guys in the competition look like me. They tend to be bald (like me) and have bodies that are shaped like barrells with legs. To the untrained eye, we might seem similar in size (until we all take our shirts off!). 

It's not like my boys have no discernment whatsoever.  We just watched the Olympics and they never pointed out that I could win the speed skating event, so they aren't making me the champion in EVERY sport. But they think I look like these guys:
These super-strong athletes are not household names, not famous at all.  I keep wondering if the people in their hometowns even know that these guys were in a competition to determine the World's Strongest Man. They look like guys that don't want to pick up a quarter if it rolls under their car. They look like guys that buy their belts at Casual Male Big & Tall stores. They look like guys who always enter the buffalo-wing eating contest at the County Fair.  To a degree, they look like me.

Until this past year, I wouldn't have even called myself an athlete, ever.  But I'm working on it now.  I have two awesome boys in my cheering section, so it'd be a shame for me to just sit on the bench and not try to do my best.


Massive Marcus said...

Thanks for reading, posting and following my blog. You are the first one to do so. Now I'm following you too.

I'm really starting to like my bike(indoor) Now that the weather is starting to get better I'm having thoughts of getting an outdoor bike.

Keep pedaling!

The Double M

Big Clyde said...

You might consider a hybrid or commuter bike. They are sturdy (for bigger guys like us), but are meant to be comfortable for longer distances. One suggestion, consider getting the wide tires changed out for thinner road-bike style tires, or something in between. It requires much less work when pedalling. I didn't do that, but will upgrade sometime this year. Keep riding!

midlife_swimmer said...

I think your boys are sweet! My girls tend to think I can do anything lately.... this last year a physical game show of doing impossible obstacles and landing in water to get to the net one came on network TV and my girls said I would win because every time I got knocked in the water I would happily swim quickly to the next impossible thing to do. LOL While I don't mind swimming :) I doubt I would sign up to get knocked off stuff even for money. I just liked the fact that they thought of my as physically capable .....because for so many years walking a block had been so hard.