Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Clydesdale Rides Again

For the month of March, I maintained a daily calorie average of approx 1,800 calories per day (with some higher and lower days).  I did this for about 5 days a week and likely went up to 2,100 calories on the other 2 days.  Aside from adding more steps into my daily activities, I didn't exercise too much.  And I lost 13 pounds!  Very happy.
But this blog is called The Clydesdale Project, because I need to be exercising and cycling is perfect for my neighborhood, it's fun and I can do it into a ripe old age.  Finally, the mantra on so many of your sites is "eat less, move more". 

So, I went out with my buddy, L-Train on Saturday and we went up this steep, but short, hill that has seemed pretty intimidating to me.  He is a strong cyclist (speed, hills, distance...he is comfortable with it all). 

We didn't cover a lot of miles, but I was breathing super hard while climbing that hill and went above my normal pace for the rest of the ride.  13 miles in one hour.  I was glad to be back on the HUCC-B (my bike).

April will be an important month for me in this weight loss thing.  I am within eyesight of a milestone number (I'll explain more when I get there).  After a solid month of weight loss with almost NO exercise, I'd like to see how I do with more cycling (which burns more calories than walking anyway).  I am also going to be doing a couple of major rides with friends this month.

As you can see by the listing on the right in yellow, I have not ridden at all since the beginning of March.  So, this Clydesdale will be out on the streets, enjoying how it feels to be cycling with 13 fewer pounds on his frame.   

Big Clyde


Sharon said...

way to go!

Tricia said...

I always think people would make fun of me on a bike. I need a bike and total isolation!

midlife_swimmer said...

congrats in the ride!

RockStarTri said...

Good job getting back on the bike.

CactusFreek said...

Any hill sucks on a bike! Good on you for getting out there.
I can't ride a bike yet because no matter how padded the seat is, by butt hurts like hell.

It's monday for me. Shall i rub my numbers in your face yet? lol

CactusFreek said...

I like that Abe pic too. So much that i nicked it, thanks :o)

CactusFreek said...

I lost 2.6 kilos [5.7lbs] this week :o)

Massive Marcus said...

Keep Pedaling!

Sean Anderson said...

Nice job my friend! Very nice!!

My best always

Cody the Clydesdale said...

way to get back on the sadlle buddy & congrats on your weight loss! That'a awsome!

Zeusmeatball said...

You have been doing a fine job on the weight loss, keep it up and we will both get where we need to! keep on keepin on brother.

As Ever