Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Curse of the Mexican Food-Baby


"A bloated, enlarged, or extremely full abdominal region after having eaten an exorbitant amount of food. Food babies generally cause discomfort and possible gas or embarrassment, but are unavoidable on occasions such as Thanksgiving."

..or my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary on Monday night.  Yes, the same Monday that was a great Weigh-In day for me.  But that was Monday morning and at a party on Monday night, I found myself pregnant with a Mexican Food-Baby.  It might have been twins.

I had been so good at making nutritional choices for the prior 4 weeks.  Even when I messed-up, it was with small amounts of high-caloric food, putting me over my daily calorie budget.  So, I told myself that I can still go to the anniversary celebration and enjoy the fantastic food, in moderation.  Eventhough I knew that this would put me above my daily calorie budget. 

But the guacamole looked delicious and they had a TUB of mini-chimis and to not eat the 5-layer anniversary cake would have really been rude and...well, you get the idea.  I did not have a plan as to what I would do and consequently, I dove in.

Two heaping plates of Mexican's finest Americanized cuisine + 1 big piece of cake = my Mexican Food Baby.  I even drank 1/2 a bottle of beer, before pouring it out...could not drink another drop.  It seemed to be upsetting the baby.

(Yes, this might be a man with a  food-baby.  No, it is not me.)

By the time I got home and crawled into my La-Z-Boy DreamTime Reclina-Rocker, I knew that I was in trouble.  After weeks of reduced food intake, my stomach must have shrunk a bit and I had just massively stretched it back out by eating way too much.  I moaned.  I groaned.  I asked for ice chips. 

In a weird way, I actually remembered this feeling of being bloated after a huge meal.  It was a frequent feeling in my past, back before I was cycling or being intentional about what I ate.  I just enjoyed the food, so I kept shovelling it in.  I still love the food, but I realize now how much I hate that old familiar feeling of being stuffed, boated and gassy with food that I knew was going to do nothing healthy for my body.  It might seem cruel to you, but I hated my Mexican Food Baby.

Tuesday was a "return to healthy" day for me.  I ate mostly vegetables, some fruit and a small non-fat yogurt.  I drank tons of water and tea.  By Tuesday night, I felt a little better.   Much better on Wednesday after some exercise and another low-calorie day with veggies.  Need to move my tail this week to lose that baby weight.  Then, there's the Monday Weigh-In and the MayDay Challenge!  I'll recover and do fine.

Someone recently commented that it takes 21 days to change a habit.  I am surprised how this mistake of eating only two plates of food (I used to be able to do even more) would leave me feeling so horrible.  This is the opposite of how I now want to feel after a meal. 

I definitely prefer the way I have felt over recent weeks when I am eating smaller and healthier meals.  That is the plan and this painful Curse of the Mexican Food Baby helped me to see that. 



Al (losingharry) said...

We all have those days...but you got back in the saddle the next day and that it what will keep you on the right track. That is what I am striving to do. I know there are going be days like Monday...but Tuesday has to be back to business.

By the way Clyde..I am up-ing my Mayday pledge to 30 pounds.

Take care

Susietri said...

You slay me...loved that. And you're right, once you start eating well you realize how crappy you used to feel. We all slide back once in a while. It just makes us appreciate how far we've come.

Katy said...

I have been known to refer to my "shape" as the pregnant sandwich belly. Turns out there's a term for that! Food-Baby.

This was really funny. I'll be reading more :)

CactusFreek said...

John, my husband, used to eat untill it hurt. I never understood that. I've always eaten untill i was comfortabley full, unless it was free, a buffet or too yummy.
Your stomach is re-training itself/getting smaller and can't handle too much now and that's got to be good to know. That even wehen your eyes are too big, your stomach still wants to be sensible.
On a selfish note, i hope this means i kick your butt at Mondays weigh-in :oÞ

Twice the Man said...

i dont have a baby belly, but have thighs that were made for delivery, lol