Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey Dad, Let's Race!

familyThose four simple words have pretty much shamed me in the past..."hey Dad, let's race!".  When I hear that question from my playful, energetic boys, how do I respond that, I don't really run anymore?  Or that I can't really run anymore.

Last Friday night, our whole family went to the boys' school carnival.  It was very fun.  They had those big inflatable bouncy things that we never had when I was a kid.  Music was blaring, the warm Tucson evening felt great and everyone was just having a blast.  Given that we have three kids, my wife and I play more of a zone defense, not man-to-man.  So, she was staking out the cafe-gym-atorium with our two older kids and I was outside on the field with Joe and the bouncy things.

As we were walking, Joe was soooo happy and said "hey Dad, let's race" (over to the carnival games).  My mind went into hyper-speed as these thoughts ran through my head, in this order:
  1. Find a fast way to decline.  My usual line is "no, no...I'm tired.  You run on ahead."
  2. Calculating the distance...it was about 50 yards.  Hmmmm.
  3. I have lost some weight recently, so maybe...
So, I said "you're on" and we both took off.  I realize that I am still very overweight, but I ran hard to keep up with my speedy 9 year-old boy and I was amazed that I could actually run.  Granted, it was not too far and speed is relative, etc., etc., but when I was done, I was so happy that I could actually do this simple and fun thing with my boy (and not get all sweaty and heart-attacky after it)!

Officially, he beat me by maybe a foot, but when we did it again later in the night, I won that contest.  We each had a "win" that night and I bet that Joe thought that was pretty cool.  I definitely did.

If you've never been extremely overweight, this all might seem a bit trivial.  But I think that many of you know what I am talking about.  This was just another example of a small thing that I can now do (thanks to some weight loss) that was pretty much off of my list two months ago. 

As I lose more weight and become healthier, what other adventures (big and small) are in store for me and my family?

Now, your turn...please let me know if you are now able to do fun or activity things since you've become more active or healthy?

P.S.  Both of my boys decided this weekend that they will join me in El Tour de Tucson in November for the 35-mile race.  Crazy Jim, our buddy, is doing it too!  Good times.


CinciMom11 said...

Woohoo!! That is awesome! My son is one of my biggest reasons for losing weight. Don't you feel like a better parent being able to do the little things in life that they love, like racing? My little guy is only 16 months old, so I'm hoping he won't remember BIG me. I used to get winded so easily, and I didn't want to do anything active. Now that my little guy is super active, I can keep up with him because I've already lost 40 lbs. I have some foot problems that will hopefully improve as I lose more weight, and I'm hoping that I can race my boy one day!

Congrats on your wonderful victory. :)

midlife_swimmer said...

I do all kinds of things I couldn't do before and took my teen daughters dragon boating this last Saturday. I have become a happier parent.


Matty O said...

GREAT Story! We don't have kids yet, but just feeling healthy has helped us overall. We have more self confidence and are able to enjoy life in general a lot more than we could before.

All of your hard work will pay off! Its these little things in life that mean the most :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

What a great story!!! You are getting there, keep it up

Zeusmeatball said...

There is nothing trivial about overcoming something that was once an impossibility, I have lots of these moments lately and every one of them is better than the last ;) You are doing great, keep up the good work.

As Ever

Joe In KC said...

I can now wear my Malcom X jacket without the fear of a helicopter landing on my back.
But seriously, being overweight is a burden that not everyone knows. Running with your kids, riding a roller coaster, enjoying a summer day at the park, walking through the shopping districts, being able to stand up and dance at rock concerts are things that are taken for granted by most. That is until you can't do them anymore. Enjoy the ride, it keeps getting better.

Al (losingharry) said...

I am able to move...and that has made all the difference in my daughter's life. While we were on vacation this weekend she became a true "daddy's girl" because I did everything with her and made no excuses.

Massive Marcus said...

Great story Clyde.

I was playing with my friends kids the other day. Usually I would use the "I'm too tired" line on them but this time when asked: "Do you want to play with us?" by two adorable little girls, my answer was "YEAH! LETS PLAY!!"

Next thing I know we are running around in the backyard doing cartwheels, playing tag and rolling around in the grass giggling.

Before just going from a seated position to a standing one was an event.

Keep up the good work Clyde. Many more awesome things will happen to the two of us as a result of our daily actions. I look forward to reading and writing about them.


Will said...

Keep it up Clyde! Looks like you're doing great and having fun doing it :)

Love the blog too! Stop by mine if you get a chance some time Fitness Achievement