Saturday, April 3, 2010

The MayDay Challenge - Begins with 4 Weeks Remaining

Thanks to those who are joining in on our MayDay Challenge!  See the earlier post (MayDay Challenge! Who's In?) if you need some background.

The idea is that we all find a short-term goal to chase after and that we encourage each other along the way.  These goals will be published on this blog, but you define your goal however you want...just have it be a specific number that you will try to achieve.  Then, on May 1st (May Day), we can pretend like we're all sitting around the same picnic table celebrating our successes! 

My hope is that this will give each of us a new burst of energy toward some short-term event or goal.  Our goals might be different, but it will feel like we are all in it together.   I know it might sound corny, but I think it will be fun! 

Here are the people who have made a commitment to achieve some goal on May 1st:
  • Big Clyde (me) - commits to lose 13 pounds from my current weight, bringing my total weight loss to 26 pounds since March 1st.  This will be a milestone event for me.
  • Losing Harry - sets the bar high with a weight loss goal of 30 pounds from his current weight.   Aggressive, but he is determined!
  • Big Daddy Diesel - Will compete in a 12-hour endurance bike ride on that very day, May 1st.   That qualifies as a milestone event, definitely.  Diesel, keep us updated as to your training for it.
  • Massive Marcus - is also committing to lose 13 pounds!  Does Marcus ever back away from a challenge?
  • RockStar Tri - already at fighting weight, is going to lose another 10 pounds!
  • ZeusMeatball - another proven winner at weight loss is working for a new milestone be below 300 pounds on MayDay!
  • CactusFreek - commits to drop 10 pounds from Down Under.  She's getting her groove back!
  • Tricia Rules - is also in for 10 pounds!  And yes, the weight loss IS the prize!
  • Weegie89 - wiped the last cookie crumbs away and commits to a 10 pound drop!   Awesome.
  • Jennifer - is preparing to hike the Grand Canyon and will drop 10 pounds before MayDay!
  • Stages of Change - has thrown down the gauntlet with a 40 pound commitment (or am I reading it wrong?!)!  Regardless, he is a fan of Andre the Giant, which makes him solid in my book!
  • Mongo Dude - another successful guy at weight loss, he is committing to lose 6 pounds by the big day!
  • Sledge - will be dropping 13 pounds(!) on 4/29, in prep for some time under the knife on MayDay. 
  • Joe in KC - also likes to challenge himself and will drop 25 pounds by May 1st!
  • Born Squishy - is joining a few of us in losing 13 pounds...thanks for being my 30th follower!
  • Katy - also is going to pound out those 13 lbs!  Spread the word, Katy!
  • Sue - will be dropping 5 pounds.  Thanks, Katy for the asisst!
  • Sharon - on-board to leave 13 pounds behind.  Sharon, it's NOT unrealistic!   3 pounds per week can be done for most overweight people with tons of water, low-calories, and a 30 minute walk, every can do it too.
  • Anyone else? 
I will do a MayDay post once a week, where everyone should post a comment with their own progress/update...whatever you want.  It will be posted every Saturday, since May 1st is on a Saturday.  Any other suggestions as to how we should update each other on our progress?

Feel free to use this on your blogs as well, if you want and if you think of others that might want to join in, please let them know and we can add them in.  Also, if you want me to change how I have referred to you here, let me know that as well. 

Okay, game on.  Play hard!

Big Clyde


Big Clyde said...

My normal weigh-in will still be on Mondays, but I did peek at the scale this morning and look to be down 2 pounds since last Monday! My goal is to be down 13 from my starting weight, so 11 more to go!

RockStarTri said...


The only fighting weight I'm at these days is in the sumo category so the 10 spot is still the target. Starting weight 246.6

Massive Marcus said...

Wow lots of people joining in the May Day Challenge! That is awesome.

Hey I am an Andre fan too. I actually got to seen him live.

Katy said...

So we should tell you our weight loss starting next saturday? Is that right?

Either way, yippee! Thanks for doing this. It's a good last push for me

Jennifer said...

This is awesome! It was easier to avoid the Jelly Bellys at the Trader Joe's today knowing I was would have fess up on weigh-in day. Thanks especially to Big Clyde and to everyone participating ~ we can do it!

Duane said...

I'm in! Minimum 1 pounds for April starting 4/3!

Sean Anderson said...

Hey---I'm not too late am I?
My goal for this challenge is simple, I believe. I just want to fall below 252.5 by May 1st. That's 8.5 pounds from where I am right now.

When I do that, I'll have officially lost more weight than I weigh. I call it the "crossing point."

So let's do this!

I'm already in Tammy's challenge too---so, wow, I'm being so social these days!

Let's do this!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Woohoo, let rock this

CactusFreek said...

That stages of change guy will be a legend if he pulls 40lbs off!
My 10lbs seems quite miniscule[SP?] now lol

Running Diva Mom said...

Just found your blog -- looking forward to following your journey -- keep up the great work! :-) HAPPY EASTER!