Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tour of the Tucson Mountains Re-Cap

On Sunday morning, my buddy Crazy Jim and I competed in the Tour of the Tucson Mountains in the "27-Mile" event, (which really clocked in at 28 miles for me).  Our total time was around 2 hrs, 10 mins which averages 13 mph.  This has been my average speed for pretty much all distances.  As you may have noticed, I have not been in training at all for this, but knew that I had the strength and stamina to get it done.  Crazy Jim had never ridden more than about 12 miles in a ride, so he was a bit anxious about it, but he did great.  We are pretty even in ability it seems, so we had a lot of fun together.

I will say that I "bonked" at about the 21 mile mark, because I hadn't eaten enough calories before the race or in the earlier part of the race.  A cycling coach told me later that he often tells cyclists to "eat early and eat often" during a ride.  I didn't eat much before the ride.  I had a banana and a heavy-protein bar (with 30 grams of protein) that has so much protein that it almost sacks the absorption rate of the protein.  Maybe that's good as a meal replacement, but not as a pre-race food, according to that coach.

So, at the 21 mile mark, I just got TIRED...legs wouldn't pedal fast at all.  I rallied during the last mile, but that was likely just some adrenalin that was going for a strong finish.  Crazy Jim came in 3 minutes before me, so he did awesome! 

When we finished the race and I got off my bike, I instantly felt dizzy.  Then, my vision started going I might pass out.  We slowly wandered around and got some water and a cookie, but I knew that the cookie wouldn't really do much for me, so I only had one.  More dizziness and feelings of passing out.  30 minutes after the race, we headed to Subway and I chomped on a foot long with tons of veggies and began to feel normal again. 

It was a good race, in that one year ago, I couldn't ride more than about 3 miles without having to stop to rest.  Yes, I was heavier, but VERY out of shape.  So, despite my less than stellar performance yesterday due to not eating enough, I still rode 28 miles in an athletic event!   And my efforts at cycling inspired Crazy Jim to buy a bike in January and he is now embarking on a healthier lifestyle as well.  Much to be thankful for.

Next race:  Bike the Bluff in Show Low, AZ in June. 

(Yes, it's me...Big Clyde, happy before the race)
(Crazy Jim, a bit nervous before his first race)
(the bling...still means a lot to this non-athlete!)


Sharon said...

This sounds like a good learning experience for your next race! Great pictures and good job on finishing the race! 27 miles is awesome.

Big Daddy Diesel said...


RockStarTri said...

Ahhh, your first bonk. You are really turning into a cyclist now :)

Bling never goes out of style, especially when you earn it (and it sounds like you did).

Well done!

Michael said...

Eating on a bike when you are also trying to lose weight is a big challenge to get figured out. Next time you know you need to eat more. It is a lot of trial and error.

CinciMom11 said...

Sweet bling. :) Sharing pictures is fun.

Congrats on your best pace yet! That is an awesome accomplishment, as is riding 28 miles! Your dizzy spell sounds scary. I'm glad the Subway helped!

Massive Marcus said...

Right on Clyde!

You turned Pedal into Medal!

Matty O said...

Great job! One race at a time!!! May this be the first of many races for you :)

Twon said...

Congrats Man! I can barely get my 30min of exercise a day done and you're all riding in sports events and stuff ;) I hope i get to that fitness level someday!