Monday, April 12, 2010

Weigh In - Week 6

Weight Change:  Lost 5 pounds!

Total Loss since 3/1/10:  20 pounds

Today, I'm feeling: ...stunned, but very happy with the number 5.  Reminds me of a song...

Here's what happened last week:

Food:  I ate very well this week, averaging just about 1,700 calories per day by eating very healthy foods.  I did deviate occasionally, but nothing that would have taken me above 2,100 calories.  When I'm hungry in between meals, I will have an apple, banana or prunes (don't knock it until you try it).  I also snack on Turkey Jerky sometimes or low-fat yogurt at night.  For the most part, I don't eat at night.  I am never very hungry.  Also, I try to have my biggest meal be lunch and afternoon, when I still have some time to burn it off.

Liquids:  Tons of water, quite a bit of the Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus. This keeps it all moving and energy levels up. Also, helps to curb my appetite.

Exercise:  I'll call this a "Grampa workout" - this is where you park the car at the far end of the parking lot at work, the grocery store, etc. Nothing strenuous, nothing that breaks a sweat...just a few more calories burned each day, all week. I've intended to ride my bike more lately, but have had a bad cold for a few days.

Confessional:   Not much to confess for this week.  When I wanted some chocolate, I ate some  (2-4 Hershey's kisses, twice this week).  Not really a sin at 75 calories per kiss on a 1,700 calorie day.

Weight Loss Highlight of the Week:  I came around a corner and my wife remarked "Oh my gosh, you can really see that you are losing."  It was special hearing that from my wife.  5 pounds left on the MayDay Challenge!

My Goals for this Week:

  • Maintain a daily calorie budget of 1,700 or less
  • Exercise at least 4 times this week (walking or cycling)
Have a good week everyone!

Big Clyde


CactusFreek said...

What an awesome loss!
It's great that your wife mentioned the loss. I can imagine how that would have felt :o)
I don't have a weight to report this week :o/

Sharon said...

Wow! 5 lbs is awesome :)

BornSquishy said...

Love the "Grampa workout".... great description.

I had more of a "Dad workout" (building a small deck, gardening, accompanying the significant other to the mall) kind of week.

As for MayDay Monday.... I lost 1.9 lbs

BornSquishy said...

P.S: Congrats on the 5 lbs. That's quite a week.

Katy said...

5 pounds is awesome!! WOW!

Zeusmeatball said...

That's a great loss this week my man, mirrored mine ;) Keep at it, you seem to be doing everything right.

As Ever

Jennifer said...

Congrats!!!! You are doing great! Happy Monday!!!

JoAnn said...

You're doing great! LOL on the Grampa workout. Would it help to schedule workout times? Or meet a friend to bike? I find that helps me a lot or I just wouldn't get to it.

Massive Marcus said...

Right on Clyde! I thought my 4 pounds was sweet. Actually it is pretty sweet, But 5 pounds.. that is awesome!



Sean Anderson said...

Just incredible my friend, absolutely!!

Tricia said...


RockStarTri said...

Look who is a rock star! Great job on the 5er.

William Hanson said...

Congrats on the loss this week. Keep up the good work.

FYI... I like the format of your posts. Very interesting and easy to review.

Al (losingharry) said...

Way to go, Big Clyde. I hope you are feeling better by the way.

Rob Dyess said...

That is an awesome week!! Good job.... Like the grandpa diet thing.


Cody the Clydesdale said...

that is awsome brother! All those things sound great!

In Feb a strength & conditioning coach for the Army told me to start taking a protien shake, glutamine, a multi-vitamin, vitamin c, vitamin e, & fish oil 3X a day. wake, po-workout, & before bed. It has made a huge difference in my weight loss and recovery from training. I'm holding on to more muscle & losing fat faster now. Try it, u will be very impressed.

R.P said...

Wooo! That's an awesome week!!! :-) Thank you for the comment on my post.