Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's That Behind You?

What would you do if you were being chased by something that wanted to kill you?

Okay, the obvious answer would be RUN!!!  I was thinking about this when I read a note from Courtney (from  She wrote to me and said that it was rare for someone like me to choose to take up cycling to PREVENT getting diabetes. This made her happy.  If this is at all confusing, please read my post Diabetes and Ride to Remedy

I was thinking about this on a recent afternoon while riding my bike.  I didn't want to be riding, because I have not exercised much lately.  Since March 1st, I have been pretty diligent about watching my calories and eating better, but just could not get motivated to exercise.  Simply put, I've been feeling a bit lazy.

Then I got Courtney's message and it made me realize that I AM BEING CHASED by something that can kill me! 

The #1 cause of death in Americans is heart disease.  There are 8 simple things we all can do to prevent heart disease, but it boils down to this:  EAT HEALTHY, MOVE MORE.   (For more info, click 8 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease).

If you are feeling a bit lazy (like I have been), consider that there really is something out there that is chasing us that can kill us.  It might look like yummy food or laziness or "I'm-too-busy-to-exercise" syndrome or just procrastination, but it is very real and seems to somehow sneak up on us more than any other killer.

I guess this is another "Control The Beast" message, so I'll wrap it up.  I hope I can keep this feeling in mind as I fight off a cold and ramp up my exercise this week.

Keep Riding everyone and Control the Beast!

Big Clyde


Weighting Around said...

Thanks for the great post. I will Control the Beast, too and get my butt in gear!

Al (losingharry) said...

Great post, Clyde. You have inspired me to try to ride my stationary bike more and eventually take my butt on the road.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

We all go through ruts when we just dont feel like doing it. It just seems harder during that time as well. But I can say, if you push through this rut, the benefits later will make you that much tougher when your back in the zone, instead of trying to regain your fitness.

As for your challenge, I have to change mine. The endurance race I have entered is a team event. The team as put me in the 6 hour race, not the 12. 6 hours is still alot of time on the saddle and its basically going to be a 6 hour time trial as we are riding together and pulling. My goal, (team goal) is to top 100 miles in the hilly race.

Rob Dyess said...

I have been in a big rut lately Big Daddy Diesel... This is a great post.

I am reminded though of something I read in Fast Company magazine just the other day. It is, when you want to make people change, then it is imperative that you motivate them with emotions... not just the facts.

Your post does a good job of that with the picture of Jurassic Park.... it is something that should scare the hell out of us, but sometimes we just procrastinate....

Thanks for the post. I enjoy your blog!!

BornSquishy said...

Awesome post Clyde.

Wow... did this post ever resonate with me..... "being chased by something that can kill me".

I really needed to hear this... especially lately.


Massive Marcus said...

Good post Clyde.

Motivation is very important. The Mayday challenge you have set up looks like it could be a great motivator for many people. Kudos to you for getting that ball rolling.

Speaking of rolling balls... Reminded me of Indiana Jones running from the giant stone boulder. That would have been another good picture to add to your post.