Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Follow-Up Post on Rocky

Massive Marcus had reminded me of the Rocky theme song recently, so I wrote something about it yesterday.  But today, I wanted to share some additional thoughts on it, that came to mind when I read RockStar Tri's comments.  See the whole post here.

If you ask someone what was their favorite scene in any of the Rocky movies, they likely will say "the training scene" (or the music montage scene).  This is where we see Rocky head out into the streets in his dirty gray sweats early in the morning to begin his grueling workout, when everyone else is sleeping.  Or, when he is grunting and groaning, lifting weights as someone is screaming at him to push himself.  The music is awesome and we see our hero, Rocky, literally getting stronger, faster and more focused right before our eyes.  His effort is impressive and we are inspired.  Maybe another favorite scene would be the fight scenes when he is in there battling, fighting for his dignity and the title of being the best...because we know he has trained for himself and he is better than ever (whether he wins or loses).

BUT, if we were to somehow enter into the movie and get inside Rocky's head during those moments and ask him "Hey, you doin'?  Are you having fun?  Would you rather be at home on the couch?  Want some nachos or ice cream?".  He would probably say that yes, he'd rather be on the couch, hanging out, munching on some tasty food, as opposed to the hurting and beating he is putting himself through.

How strange that the part of Rocky's story that we love the most, just might be the part that he hates the most?!

This was a turning point for me to realize that we need to constantly play those motivational songs or phrases in our heads as we all try to improve our health, exercise more, eat well, etc.  It IS exhilirating when we begin the transformation of our own lives...but it doesn't always feel that way in the moment.  For years, I just thought "I don't like exercise" because when I was in the middle of it, it didn't seem fun and it was hard and tiring and basically not as comfortable as NOT exercising!  That just told me that "exercise wasn't my thing".  Yet, I LOVE the results of exercising (which many of us are experiencing now). 

RockStar Tri's simple advice for us yesterday was motivational to me.  He said  "Let's just say that it would be great if all should do a little more than they think would be easy and then enjoy the results."

Thanks for that.  I will do more that I think would be easy and ignore the hurting that might come with that effort.  Then, later, I'll enjoy the results from pushing myself. 

My thanks to all of you for following along as I try to change myself.  I love reading your stories as well and you motivate me every day.

Big Clyde


Dr. J said...

I went to school in Philadelphia and ran those steps just like Rocky did :-)

CinciMom11 said...

Great post! Very motivating! You sound especially motivated. Are you going to start pretending you're Rocky when you work out?

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. We might not love the training part, but the rewards that follow are worth the sweat and tears!

I love your blog name - very cool!