Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Fool on the Hill - 2 out of 10

I just wanted to post that I climbed the hill today in the late Tucson afternoon.  It was hot, but I knew I had to get it in.  As you might recall, I committed to riding my bike more frequently in May and in particular, to ride up some hills that have been intimidating to me.  I've called this challenge "The Fool on the Hill" and committed to climb these hills 10 times by Father's Day.  That will definitely get me on the bike and build my climbing muscles!  2 down, 8 to go.

For those keeping score (probably just me), I climbed to the hilltop in 19 min 37 seconds, which is faster than the benchmark time of 21 minutes!   It was a short ride today...only 33 minutes, covering 6.7 miles.  I also did some water aerobics.  Good times with the fam.
RockStar Tri gave me some advice which stated that I should try "dancing up the hill" to some disco music.  Okay, I hit my "70's" playlist on the ipod as I left my driveway. 
I started with "25 or 6 to 4" by Chicago...a nice start, given the guitar intros.
Move on to "I Can't Get Next to You" by the Temptations (might be late 60's, but close enough).
(Still no disco, but I am just now starting up the hill.)
Then, "Right Back Where We Started From" by Maxine Nightingale ...this is disco, right?  Nice little beat!
Then, two songs from Credence Clearwater Revival and one from Blood, Sweat & Tears...far from disco rhythms and not helping on my uphill climb.  But great music.
I think I remember "Mr. Big Stuff" or "Car Wash" or something disco after that...dunno, legs were working and I was breathing so hard that I can't remember the exact songs.
Finally, as I approach the top of the hill, I am listening to "Shaft" by Isaac Hayes.  Is it possible that I was the only person on the planet today to listen to "Shaft" while riding uphill in the 98 degrees temp?
At the top, I could hear the creepy harmonies of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, which was of no help in my recovery.  Seriously, are "rock operas" good for anything?
Next time, I'll have to create a hill-climb-dance playlist with some cheesy disco and other bouncy music to get me in gear.   Wow, this is a rambling post so I'll sign off. 
Have a great Sunday, everyone.  If your weigh-in is on Monday, (like mine), then I hope you do well today and have great results on Monday!
Keep riding everyone!
Big Clyde


Alan said...

Clyde, this is a great idea! Likewise, my trail is very hilly and I've got to push for a little more climb every time. Maybe I'll try disco! (maybe not :-)

CinciMom11 said...

Great job! Nice time improvement, too! A 20-minute hill sounds scary. Your playlist is fun!

You asked about my lifting:

Sharon said...

Good job on sticking with your challenge! I never pictured you as a disco kind of guy, but whatever gets you motivated to climb those hills!

Massive Marcus said...

I use heavy metal to set my pace. With the right song I go primal in my head and am unstoppable. I wouldn't last 30 seconds with disco.

I listen to stuff that can make Metallica sound like elevator music. HA HA But whatever works for the individual is the right choice.

Good work with the hills Clyde. Keep churning those calorie furnaces up those hills and show them who is boss!

Keep pedaling


Neighbor Ted said...

What happened to you? I leave the neighborhood and you start on water aerobics and disco to get you up the hills. I may have to move back, but I hope you are not too far gone already.

Big Clyde said...

Neighbor Ted: funny! I know the water aerobics doesn't sound very grueling, but trust me, it got pretty tiring after awhile.

Come back for El Tour and let's ride together.