Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today's Ride: 13.7 miles

Today is Saturday and Crazy Jim and I rode our bikes 13.7 miles with a movie in between.  We tackled the La Canada hill, then settled in for a mostly flat and eventually downhill return home.  Have I mentioned lately that I am exceptional at going downhill?  Big guys always feel good on the bike, when going downhill.  I even reached 30 mph, while pedalling like a crazy person!  Good times.

 It felt great being on the bike again and I can tell that my weight loss is definitely improving my comfort, speed and fun on the bike.  When I wanted to climb the hill more aggressively, I could pour it on.  We also challenged ourselves to sprint a few sections near the end of the route and I was happy that I could put some power behind it. 

Iron Man 2 was a big disappointment to me.  I LOVED the first one, but found this one a bit boring and tedious.

I have been increasing my workout (from "almost nothing" to "something" every day).   This activity (and sticking on my food plan) should finally help me on the scale.  We'll see at Monday's weigh-in.

Keep Riding everyone!

Big Clyde


CinciMom11 said...

I'm sorry to hear the movie was a bummer!

13.7 miles... Fantastic ride! That's great you're noticing a different in the ease and comfort of bicycling. :)

Alan said...

That's great to be feeling better on the bike as you lose weight! I started bike riding last summer after 20 years and am now fully committed to weight loss. In my part of the country the weather has been pretty crappy until this weekend. Planning to put the bike rack back on my car and do my 8 mile loop tomorrow (as opposed to stationary bike - yee haw!). And yeah, downhill feels pretty good! :-)

Michael said...

That is great thing about losing weight and riding a bike. You are constantly getting better because you are getting lighter.

Many people pay hundreds if not thousands to drop a pound of weight on the bikes. All us big guys have to do is work hard for a week.

Massive Marcus said...

I can hear the Rocky song in the background!

"Getting Strong Now!!!" HA HA

Good to hear Clyde. The Bike is getting addictive for me. As the weather gets better I start considering an outside bike more and more.

Keep pedaling hard, up and down hill.


Al (losingharry) said...

That ride sounds so nice..I cant wait to get out on the real road someday.

Big Clyde said...

Alan, I used to live in Seattle for years. Loved it, but I love the weather down here in AZ even more! Congrats on your loss. I like your unique and fun approach, which seems to be working.

Michael, MM and Al: yeah, the bike is really becoming fun for me to ride. I know that people would correctly point out that I could have ridden even more so in the past (and I was riding around 150 miles per month near the end of last year)...but it is so much better without the 27 pounds I've recently lost. I know that will continue as I keep going.

Anonymous said...

Long lost neighbor.... Sounds like the biking has been getting better. The one questions I have is - why did you wait until I left to finally startpuring on the effort and losing soe weight? Yeah, you were doing OK while I was there, but it sounds like you finally got your butt in gear to lose a few.

Neighbor Ted

Anonymous said...

and i need spell check. it was supposed to be "start pouring" and "some"

Twon said...

Sorry to hear the movie was bleh. I've never seen either.

fatty blogsticks said...

man, i wish i could go downhill on the exercise bike! good luck for the weigh-in xx