Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Update

I am hoping to be disciplined this weekend.  My wife's birthday was yesterday, but I ate well.  My son's birthday is today.  Unfortunately, his hacking cough/runny nose sickness has now infected his brother and me.  It hurts to cough, energy is low and I find myself wanting to snack.  Guh.  I was doing so well with exercise earlier in the week.  Maybe I'll rally later today and get in some good workouts.  For now, I am laying low, realizing that it might affect Monday's weigh-in.

But this exercise/weight loss journey is a marathon, not a sprint.  I found new energy last week with my increased exercise activity.  Many of you know this, but it was interesting to expericence that my energy increased, when I pushed my exercise activity.  So, when I feel better soon, I'll get back to the cycling, stepping and 5K-ing. 

And regarding the 5K, I am very excited to report that my daughter (BookGirl95) and son (Samson) are going to join me in my first official 5K race.  It is called "Meet Me Downtown" in Tucson next Saturday night.  Though I will push myself on my normal runs, I will just enjoy this race experience with them, regardless of our speed.  I don't want to be urging "let's go faster", if they are not having fun.    They still find it a bit shocking to see their couch-potato father actually exercising.  :-)

So, I'm off to find Kleenex and maybe some vapo-rub.    Have a good weekend, friends.

Big Clyde


Sharon said...

Hope you feel better soon, Clyde. How are you avoiding the birthday cakes?

Patrick said...

Clyde from yesterday's post you asked what is Leinenkugel's? Oh it is some ace beer from Wisconsin:

I am not Canadian, but love Canada especially Canadian beer. Much better than any USA beer; especially Labatt's, worlds greatest brew on the planet!

Hope you & the family get over cold bug quick. Enjoy the holiday weekend as best you can.

Kimberley said...

Hope you all feel better. So cool that you are doing the 5K with your children!

~HoneyB~ said...

Clyde I hope you get to feeling better soon :) Is such a bummer this time of year to be stuck with a cold :( Wishing you and the wee ones all the best on your 5k!!!

midlife_swimmer said...

doing that with your kids sounds awesome!

Tricia said...

Oh man, feel better soon, buddy! I gotta say, when I was sick earlier in the year, I found Kleenex with Vick's IN THE KLEENEX! It was the most amazing invention ever. It's like you are blowing your nose 50 times a minute, but it's okay because it's all soothing and vapory full of goodness with each swipe. I hope you can get those.

Matty O said...

Sounds awesome that you got your family in for the race too! Good luck with the cold, the increased energy is only one of the many payoffs!

Keep up the good work!

CinciMom11 said...

Birthdays are tough, and it sounds like you're being bombarded with them! Haha, stay strong. :) I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Isn't it great to find that exercising more leaves you with more energy? Lovely!

That's great two of your kiddos will be doing the 5k with you! Setting a goal of having fun with them rather than going super fast is a great idea. Family exercise is much better than shaving a few minutes off your 5k time.

Do you have any bike tips? Any good internet resources? I got my old bike out of the garage, and I'm considering a bike trailer thing for Ramsey. I tried riding my bike yesterday, and it was sad. My balance leaves a lot to be desired.

Jennifer said...

Emergen C is an awesome product when you are sick - it's a powder that you add to water, I think it really helps. Don't be in a hurry to work out while you're sick - especially with your lungs being involved. You've done a good job of building up your fitness you won't lose it over a few days of laying low. Gosh - enough preaching eh?

Tricia said...

hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

CactusFreek said...

It sucks when you get sick, have no energy, but still want to eat! I think i've lost my appitite through sickness twice in my life.

Happy birthday to your peeps :o)