Saturday, June 26, 2010

Geting Back on Plan - Your Ideas??

Over the past 4-5 weeks, exercise and healthy eating has not been a consistent focus in my life.  I have exercised really well during certain weeks and ate pretty well, most of the time.  However, nothing consistent or aggressive enough to lose weight.     The trick to weight loss is to eat healthy foods AND exercise consistently.
 I am refocusing today. 

Here are my steps to get back on plan:
  1. Make sure that the kitchen is well stocked with my go-to healthy stuff.  Strive to maintain a range between 1,700 - 1,900 calories each day.  My doc said that is a totally healthy range for me.
  2. Get back to tracking everything I eat on  So very helpful to me.
  3. Move every day.  I will either walk (fast), ride, run or do steps.  If it is too hot or too late, I can do steps in front of the tv at home.  But I LOVE being outside when I am working out.  I don't even mind the extreme heat so much, except it is pretty tough for cycling or running.
  4. Drink tons of water.  I pretty much always have.  You know you're drinking enough water when your pee is clear.  What color is your pee?
  5. Move my weigh-in day to Fridays. 
If I have learned anything over the past few months (since March 1st), it is how to stay pretty close to a healthy plan for maintaining.   Basically, when I used to cheat on a diet (or exercise program), it would quickly lead to just giving up.

Maybe you have experienced this before.  A short period of inactivity and bad nutritional choices can lead us to slide into the mental losing game of apathy and negative self-talk.  I am getting fully back on plan today, before I slide down into that hole.

I would love to know how some of you climb out of the hole of bad choices when it comes to exercise and weight loss. 

P.S.  Mrs. Clyde's iTouch Challenge has a new target and a new date:  275 pounds by Labor Day.  I weighed 295 this morning.  Should be easy to do, if I stay on plan.


Patrick said...

Hhmm, how do I climb out of the hole of bad choices when it comes to exercise and weight loss? I've come to learn that so much of our success is dependent upon our state of mind. When I have off days I talk to myself, question myself for making the choices that I made. Before the conversation with myself ends I have challenged myself to see if I can do it, make the next choice a good one, to follow the changes I have committed to. You have a list of commitments here you have committed to. Talk to yourself about them daily.

Alan said...

275 by Labor Day - good goal! ;-)

I watch Friday Night Lights and last night after an interception Coach Taylor told his young QB, "Good quarterbacks have short memories." You just need to treat every meal as an isolated incident and start every meal as a new beginning. Have a short memory - you will fail, but the good ones wipe the slate clean.

The other observation I have is that for some reason I think we tend to think working out takes precedence over eating well. Probably because working out is something you DO and (not) eating isn't. But my experience has always been that you can lose weight if you eat right, even if you don't exercise (best to do both, yes), but you can't lose weight through exercise alone, without also eating well. Once you're locked in on your calories, everything else will fall into line.

Massive Marcus said...

Make a " TO DO" list which includes exercises. Not just the word exercise but what specific things you intend to do. Like this many push ups, that many minutes on the bike, 1000 sit ups. Whatever.

Then your only goal each day is to complete your list.

I found if I was writing out a workout for the next day or later on that day that I would be motivated to write out a hard workout, sometimes one that was impossible to complete.

But I always tried to do it, I mean really tried to complete the mission, the list, the goal.... That push to do just a little bit more, or to go until you can't go anymore is what I think gives you results.

Keep pedaling Clyde!


RockStarTri said...

It is a journey, not a destination,But 275 is a good place to shhot for.

Christina said...

Great goal! It's totally achievable. The only thing that will hold you back is not doing the necessary work. You can do this, man!!

I like the advice Marcus gave regarding planning your exercise. I have a list of weight-lifting exercises to do at the gym (from my favorite book, The New Rules of Lifting), and I know I'll do an hour of cardio while I'm there. My runs are scheduled through the end of October. Okay, that might be slightly obsessive. Anyway, writing things out does make a big difference. Don't settle for less. You have a capable body, and you owe it to yourself to push it.

Alan made a good point, too: Losing weight is mostly about the eating. Yea, exercise can help a little bit (and it does nice things for your body), but diet is at least 90% of the equation. Remember that!! What you eat is more important than your exercise. Personally, I like paying close attention to both.

Wasn't it you who posted about what you used to eat and how different you are now? Didn't you say you felt like you'd really changed? You still have a lot of healthy habits, but it's time to tweak them. Are you still writing down your calories? When the scale stops, get back to the basics and do what you were doing in the beginning.

How do I get out of the cycle of bad choices? If I eat something 'bad' or too much of anything, I put it in the past. I don't throw away the whole day because my calorie count will be a few hundred calories high. Realize that you made a bad decision and get back on track. Be kind to your body. Also, being accountable helps. Posting my calories and my exercise minutes is a huge help for me.

Good luck, Clyde!! The best thing about this post is that you said you are getting back on track TODAY, not tomorrow, not Wednesday, TODAY. I can tell you're serious. :)

Al (losingharry) said...

I am starting to plan all my meals in advance. On Saturdays, we plan Sunday thru next Saturday. There are always things that I eat on impulse, but major meals are scheduled. Also, what Marcus said..make a to do list. I do the same. I put everything on there like make lunch, ride stationary and even what songs I am purchasing off itunes.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Plan on the bad choice. I tell myself that if I eat well for 5 (or hopefully 6) of the days, and exercise for 4 (or hopefully more), then I can celebrate by eating pizza, or ribs, or drink a bottle of wine, or whatever it is. If I don't meet my goals, no celebration. Funny thing is, after a few weeks of this, I usually skip the celebration, but not always, and it's always fun!