Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quitting Couch-to-5K Program (for now)

(I'm feeling better, after several sick days.  Thanks for your comments.)

I've written a bit lately about doing the program, a 9-week program that leads you through a 3x/week schedule that gets you running a full 5k in the end.  I have started twice and ended this time on Week 2.2. 

I am going to quit the program for now, but not stop the training.  I welcome your feedback.

The program seems fine to me, with a slow ramp-up in the first and second weeks for a guy like me (not a runner!), but I feel I am failing if I miss a few days...this causes my "week two" to last three weeks, not one.  Also, I am listening to a podcast that leads you through the walking vs. running intervals, but I hate the mindless techno-trance music that I hear on the podcast.  Fine for others, just not my taste.

Instead, I went out last week (before I got sick) and just plugged in my regular playlist and walked for awhile, then ran for awhile, etc. trying to push myself to improve my time.  By this method, I am trying to beat my personal best, rather than running at the prescribed times.  I think I will stick to this format, as I continue to increase my running program.

Have any of you stuck with the entire c25k program and loved/hated it?   What say you?


fatty blogsticks said...

glad you're feeling better, dude :-)

this is the first i'm hearing about the c25k program, so can't offer much except that i'm with you on the techno-trance "music".

good luck with keeping up the training.

Al (losingharry) said...

Glad you are better, Clyde.

I've heard of of it but don't know the details.

Matty O said...

as long as you don't NEED a schedule to do the workouts, you have the right idea. Keep up the hard work, the payoff will be big!

JoAnn said...

My hubby started running the way you are. He didn't even know about C2K. He started out walking then got a little bored so he'd run on the downhills and flats a little. Eventually he could keep running the whole time. He took it at his own pace and never got injured. He got to the point where he was running a 5k in 28 minutes.

Jodi said...

I agree with what Matty O said, as long as you don't need a schedule, no harm done. I've tried C25k before. You really do have to push yourself to do it 3 times a week or risk going in a continuous cycle of retracing steps.

Glad to see you're feeling better. Long time reader here, first time poster.

~HoneyB~ said...

I was gonna give this a go but oddly enough the thought off having to listen to anything during my walks is a turn off for me. I love the sound of my children (the older ones I have had come with me) and other than that I like the silence. I love the sounds of nature by my house; deer snorting at me as I go by and interrupt them, grouse drumming etc. Music is a distraction for me from my original purpose so I think the techno stuff would bug me.

I think Im biased on noise... I really love silence but thats because I am blasted with the noise of seven kids all day :)))

Glad to hear your feeling better :) Do what feels right for you ;)

Ryan said...

I'm a clyde. I'll be a clyde forever. I used to be slow but now I'm fast and getting faster; you can too. How? It is simple. Run. Then run some more. And, then run some more. You don't need a program (specifically).

Running is weird. It never gets any just get faster.

Good Luck and keep running.

Christine said...

I haven't personally done the C25K program, but I've thought about it. I've jogged a 5K on the has more to do with my energy/anger level at the time, plus good music. When I'm in a fine mood and bored, I can't seem to make it through the 5K. Go figure. Keep plugging along'll make it!!

Tricia said...

Haha, that poster is RAD! I want one for my room.

I never tried the C25K thing, so I don't really have an opinion, but I do know that techno music annoys me, so I'm with you on that one. Glad you're feeling better!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hated it, with a passion

CinciMom11 said...

Clyde, I think you're making a good choice. Running is a big commitment because if you take more than two days off between runs, your body starts to lose the conditioning. Trying to get farther and faster when you're running once per week could end with an injury. Doing your own thing and listening to your body almost always is the smart thing to do. Sticking with a program that doesn't fit your schedule... Blah. I'm glad to hear you'll still be running. :)

I checked out c25k when I started running, but I'm not a fan of programs. I like to read and gather as much info as possible, then develop my own informed program. If I'm having an off day, I can keep things low-key and not feel like I failed. I like listening to my body and taking things from there. SO far, so good!

CinciMom11 said...

*trying to GO

RockStarTri said...

I don't listen to podcasts while I workout but I do often have to follow a prescription for the workout itself. Sometimes I go really old school and write it on my hand. it works for cycling (with power), running (intervals, speed, etc), and swimming.

The net of this is to do what works for you. You are already seeing great results.

ThatNoiseInYourEar said...

Running sucks when you are over 40 and a clydesdale. Why do it? At least until you drop a few more L-Bs. Cycling is the key to using the big meat to burn the big cals (you know, Gluts, quads, Hams, gastrocs). Round and round they go for hours (not minutes). Keep it simple while you are in this phase. You will have less injuries. Eat right, do the exercise, lose the weight. Its that simple and you're a shining freaking example. Look at your freaking results over the last couple of months. You dont have to run to get there. As Rafiki once said, "you know the way." Just Do It. Push the big meat.

Apologies to The Lion King & Nike... Actually, check that, I ain't apologizing for nothin'.