Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Night at the Park

Ate well today and now it is time for a quick workout.  Mrs. Clyde is working tonight at the church, leading our youth (including our daughter).   So, my boys and I will doing something new and head to the park.  They can do whatever and I will likely get in 45 minutes of a walk/run.   I'll update later to let you know how much of it was running vs. walking, but after last night's 7.25 mile walk, I'm guessing my body will feel like running!

Keep moving, everyone...or else we'll all look like our 16th President up there!  (Sorry, Abe).

Update:  We went to the park and the boys (12 and 9) played around and did a lap with me.  I just jogged (60%) and walked (40%) for about 40 minutes.   I realized that my legs were a bit tired after yesterday's long walk and that it was a lot easier to do this in Seattle (much cooler two weeks ago) than here in the 97 degree desert evening.  I could not sustain a running pace for longer than 3-4 minutes at a time!  Seems disappointing to me, but I will of course, stay at it.  We'll see how I do tomorrow, because I am doing it again! 

Big Clyde


Christine said...

LOL! I love the photo!!

Matty O said...

Your poor legs man haha, I know the feeling.

Hang in there, if you only hit 3 minutes jogging this time, shoot for 3minutes and 15 seconds next time. Its these small goals that will take you a long way!

Keep up the healthy eating and workouts! Still rooting for you to win the challenge!

Christina said...

Don't forget: You get stronger from letting your muscles recover. Let those bad boys build themselves back up before another intense workout. You are kicking butt in the exercise department, my friend. :)

Patrick said...

That Lincoln pic is appropriate to so many things, over eating, over government spending, you name it.

Miss S. said...

That's pretty good in the heat. Is there an indoor track you could train on to mix it up?

Alan said...

Oh sure, it's *easy* in Seattle. Great job encouraging everyone to move.