Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes, I Saved My Family...Again

Long before I started this blog, I could have told you about how I protected Mrs. Clyde from a charging animal. But I don't want to make a big deal about it...

Or when we lived in Las Vegas, you might have heard about the charging reptile that was heading right toward my two toddlers. Anyway, you know, I handled it (WITH A SHOVEL!).

But since my latest heroic episode occurred recently, I guess I don't mind sharing.

We had just finished some chocolate cake (what? I was sick and it comforted me) and Mrs. Clyde looked out on our patio and saw a huge snake about 1 foot from our door. I know, I know...everyone freaked out and called for me.

I was lounging in my La-Z-Boy DreamTime Reclina-Rocker, but knew that the family (or the entire neighborhood?) was in danger, so I put the footrest down and headed straight into the fight.

Mrs. Clyde handed me a pair of tongs that we had out for hot dogs. They were the small tongs. I admonished her and demanded the BBQ tongs. "The Longnecks!...and make it fast!"

I'll spare you the whole epic battle, but suffice to say that I captured the python and stuck it in our cooler. I then walked it through the house and carried it to the other side of ex-Neighbor Ted's house and set the monster free. I guess we may battle again some day.

Mrs. Clyde said it was a "king snake". Imagine, the King of All Snakes subdued by your's truly. I didn't even realize I had quick reflexes!

Here is a picture of the menacing intruder.

Just another day in the desert, folks.

By the way, I ate well today and walked/ran a 5K this evening in 41:33 (my best time so far).  Working hard to beat down my recently gained pounds.  Stay tuned.

Big Clyde


Neighbor Ted said...

So yours was the shriek I heard from over here?? I just assumed you knicked yourself again while shaving your legs.

Christina said...

Wow, you are a hero!! Super Dad to the rescue!! Your other hero stories sound pretty great, too. That snake pic is going to give me nightmares, haha. I am a total wimp. I learned from your story that living in the desert is not for me.

Great job with he eating and the exercise! Your 5k times kicks major butt. Are you any good at pacing yourself? When running outside, I suck at finding an easy pace I can maintain. The treadmill has me spoiled! Please share any tips you may have. :)

Sharon said...

Holy cow, that's a scary looking creature. I'm impressed with your bravery, Clyde! Good job ;)

360lbsman said...

What a scary looking snake! I would get a heart attack if I ever saw one, awesome job mate!

Al (losingharry) said...

Crikey! You blog is like watching the crocodile hunter. The most menacing animals around us are deer.

Miss S. said...

Ack! You are a hero.

Alan said...

I would have driven it a lot further away than the other side of my neighbor's house!

TJ said...

Hero indeed! I hate snakes! YIKES! :)

Matty O said...

haha nice! Way to snap the pic before release!

Anonymous said...

I've followed this blog (off and on) since the beginning. In reality, I've followed Clyde's amusing wit and clever story-telling for years...20 years to be precise. Clyde always makes me smile.
However, on this clever story I cannot remain silent:
1. The first charging animal was a small cow; lazily grazing and hardly aware of our presence.
2. Snakes don't "charge" - not even in Vegas, baby.
3. The recent snake was barely a foot long and was about 6 feet from the door.
4. It took several warnings about the snake to even convince Clyde there was actually a snake on the patio in the first place (it's not easy to give-up the La-Z-Boy DreamTime Reclina-Rocker!)
5. Clyde never asked for tongs...he demanded, "SHOVEL!". The hot dog tongs saved that snake. (who do you think would've carried the dead carcas off the patio if Clyde had killed the poor creature?)
I do love this man...and I'll take clever wit over real 'snake battles' any day! You make me smile!
Love, Mrs. Clyde :)
ps...I'm serious about not carrying snakes through the house!!

Bookgirl96 said...

Do you want me to go in the kitchen and get some ICE for that BURN from Mom? :)

Jennifer said...

This post was great - you go Clyde! but the comment section, especially the last two, really shine. What an awesome family!

Kimberley said...

Ai carumba!!! That pic scared the crap out of me and I have a snake tattoo!

Glad you were able to save your family and the neighbourhood from certain doom.

LOL@Mrs. Clyde and Bookgirl95. Heeheehee!!!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

Actually, as snakes go, it's kind of pretty! I like the different colors on that.

I am not afraid of snakes (although if it bit me I would!) so nice rescue! Glad you are back on track with eating/exercising, that's great!

Debby said...

Hmmmm looked more like a coral snake than a king snake!

Loved the comments from the Mrs and the kidlet!