Friday, July 16, 2010

Advice Needed ASAP Please - The Unneccesary Bike Purchase

I have inexplicably fallen in love with the Electra Classic Cruiser (2003) that I saw at a pawn shop, next to my customer's business.  First time at a pawn shop and I think I just found a diamond-in-the-rough. 

It looks exactly like this, only dirty and slightly scratched here and there.  It has a pricey, but worn Brooks leather seat (value about $100?), a goofy flat handlebar and it needs new grips.  Also, tires are low in pressure (may need replacing, but could be fine).

Actual bike.  Price is $75. 

I don't need it.  Mrs. Clyde doesn't want it and wonders why I need another bike.

And yet, is it too good to pass up?  Would it be so much more fun to ride around the hood?

What say you?  I think I need to act fast.

Should I buy it? 


Moving Mertle said...

OMG why are you in arizona? If you were closer to Montana I would be in my car right now running to get it...but I do kinda need/want a different bike. So the wise side of my brain is don't get it. Losing weight is about getting your life straightened out and in control. Suze Orman was on the biggest loser and said she could predict the winner because people who were in control of finances ...... blah blah blah but it's sooo pretty!

TJ said...

BUY IT!!!! OH MY GOD! I love it...I would have bought it already if I were you! :) LOVE IT!

AZGypsie said...

Clyde, I am in Tucson also, and I think I love this bike and will give it a good home. Where can I find it?

Christine said...

I say get it if it's lightweight.

Luke said...

After the excitement wears off, do you think you will still put it to use or will it gather dust. Your results to that question should help shape a realistic decision.

spunkysuzi said...

I'd definitely go for it :)

goingfor96 said...

I love it.

I bet it's heavy and takes a lot of energy to ride, compared to a more modern bike...but you know what? Who cares, if it means you're working hard? I think this would be a fantastic bike to ride on a long flat journey. You'll look great on this beauty, and you'll be working a little harder than someone on an easier, lightweight bike.

It's sort of like old Cadillacs. They're gigantic, take up a lot of road, are sometimes without power steering, and don't fit in a lot of parking spaces...people still drive them!

Could be a fun option for the right leisure rides.

Kimberley said...

I say yes, yes, yes...quickly before someone else scoops up this treasure.

Katy said...


anne h said...

Yep! Go for it!

RockStarTri said...

I believe that there is no such thing as an "unnecessary" bike but, and this is a big one, it has to fit and you have to ride it.

It may be part of a wife's job to wonder why we need more bikes. I'm working on convincing my wife that I need another bike but it is a hard sell (I already have 4). The new Specialized Roubaiz sworks is schweeet though. Unfortunately it is a bit more that the $75 that this one will set you back.

Anonymous said...

Great looking bike, Clyde! Gorgeous! You would look great on this bike! A few questions:
1. What is the condition of your garage? you have a shed to protect this investment?
2. Do you feel like you are logging a lot of hours on the bike you already own...and you're ready for a change of 'seat-ery'?
3. ...and speaking of your wife's job...(see rockstartri comment)...?
4. Thank you, moving myrtle and janet jackson: " I'm all grown up..."

Alan said...

I suspect Mrs. Clyde gets a 51% vote, but I say do it and if you have a change of heart later, it shouldn't be too hard to recoup your investment.