Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cuppa Joe To Go!...on a Wednesday Night

* (See update below)
Last week (on Wednesday), my 5th-grade son and I went for a 5k run in our neighborhood.  By the way, he likes his code name that I gave him:  Cuppa Joe!  

He did so well and enjoyed it so much, that we agreed to do this weekly.  So, tonight Cuppa Joe and Big Clyde will once again be out on the mean streets of our hood, putting down 3.1 miles!

On Monday, Crazy Jim and I did our third weekly long walk:  5.7 miles in 90 minutes.  He got some new shoes and we may even be running sometime soon...for now, the walks are great and they are a good start-up program for him and great maintenance for me.

I've eaten well this week and think that I will do well on Saturday's weigh-in.   My calories are right around 1,700 and I am doing it pretty easily right now.   I have other training scheduled for Thursday through the weekend.  I'll post on that this weekend.

My thanks to my friend, RockStar Tri, who is advising me on a weekly training plan.  I should also point out that Christina was a key influence for me to actually start running...she went from just starting a few months ago to running many miles now and training for a half-marathon.  Her consistency is amazing.

* Update:  My son and I went out tonight, and my daughter joined in too.  Good times being together while my other son and wife were at church.  We chose to just walk tonight, because it was incredibly muggy and I haven't been sleeping much.  Still, I burned 534 calories doing it.  Tomorrow night, I will go out on my own and push myself.    Thanks for the comments everyone!

Keep moving, everyone!

Big Clyde


TJ said...

So cool that your son joins ya! :) Great job on the RUN! :) WHOOHOO!

ChristineKingery said...

congrats Clyde!!!

Thomas said...

Fantastic progress, congrats!

Miss S. said...

It's so great your son is involved-you are not only changing your life, you're shaping a a healthy future for him.

Kimberley said...

Love that your family is involved with your exercise.

spunkysuzi said...

Son and daughter getting out with you? Awesome!!

Luke said...

Great job getting your kids involved. I think active parents are awesome!