Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jesse Scanlon - Adventurer, Cyclist

On our recent trip, we stopped in at a Subway.  As we were waiting in line, a customer, sitting by himself, gave us a tip about a special low-priced sandwich deal, "but you have to ask for it...they won't offer it up to you".  I thought he was nice to be looking out for some other customers, telling us about a good deal.

When we were sitting outside, my wife noticed a road bike that was loaded down with some bags and a small Florida license plate.  Mrs. Clyde said "I bet that is the guy who gave us the tip and he is riding his bike across the country".   Yes, Mrs. Clyde is a beauty with brains.

I went inside and met him.  He is Jesse Scanlon and he is in fact, riding his bike across the country, just for the adventure of it.  He has a blog and is on twitter, facebook, etc...but I am a caveman, so I can't follow him on those...just the blog, which he admits he doesn't update very regularly from the road.

He was a soft-spoken guy, but very friendly.  He is trying to do this with no more goal than to get the most out of the adventure without a ton of planning, funding, etc.  He said that he gets by pretty well, staying with friends and cyclists that he meets along the way.  He has been on the road for the past 45 days or so and was south of Phoenix, AZ, heading for San Diego (I think).

When I offered that I am a cyclist as well, working on losing weight and becoming more healthy, his eyes lit up!  He was so encouraging.  He wanted to know how much I'd lost and quickly answered that he's lost 50 pounds since he started cycling (maybe a year ago).

So, please check out his blog and find him on facebook, etc. and give him some encouragement along the way.  If you reference this at all, mention that we saw him at the Subway in Casa Grande last Saturday.

As for me, I ate very well yesterday (1,736 calories) and have started well this morning.  My son, Cuppa Joe(!) and I will do a 5K tonight on our neighborhood path.  This will be his first time going that distance and I wonder how his shorter 9-year-old legs will do. 

Big Clyde


Patrick said...

Now that is a cool story. Calling you the Subway guy from Casa Grande would be a long nickname so I'll stick to Clyde. Go gett'em on that 5k!

Matty O said...

What an inspiring story! Glad you ran into him, can't wait to read up on his story.

Keep up the good work on the eating. Stick to the food journals, they keep you honest and make you accountable for your foods :)

Good luck tonight with the 5k! Do your best and set mini goals on the run! Look at where you think you can run to, then set a goal just beyond that to push a little harder.

Al (losingharry) said...

Ummm...whats the deal at subway?

Cool story, Clyde. It's nice to find people with similar interests specially when they are or have been in your shoes.

Big Clyde said...

Thanks, Patrick and Matty!

Al, it was like $2 for a 6" cold-cut sandwich or $4 for a foot-long. I went with a foot-long ham (no cheese, vinegar dressing, tons of veg) for about 540 calories.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats pretty cool

Lindsay said...

What a cool story!!!

Miss S. said...

Wow-I am sure some kind of fate brought you there at the exact same time. How did your son so with the long walk?

Alan said...

That's a really cool story! Kind of like the guy running across the country I profiles the other day. These guys make the impossible seem possible.

Jesse Scanlon said...

Wow...thank you so much for the kind words! This is such an encouragement to me, and I really appreciate you taking the time to find my blog! Our encounter at subway was by no means a coincidence, in my opinion, and to hear you recount it now, reminds me of how badly I need to be back on the road. Keep in touch.

Deborah Aldridge said...

I know this is an old post, but just wanted to say that I had the privilege of giving Jesse a place to stay once when he was down on his luck in Gainesville, FL. He is one of the best people I know, and is now my adopted son. He wants to do the whole cross-country thing again some day, but right now he is doing well and last I heard was pretty happy.