Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Belgium Bike Giveaway

No, I am not giving a New Belgium Bike away, sorry.  I want to win one!  I have been filling out their online form for a few weeks now here.  They even let me take a picture of what I'll look like on their odd, but cool bike.  I think I'd look good on it, don't you?
I would like to say I'm a fan of New Belgium Brewery and their Fat Tire Ale.  But I haven't enjoyed one of their beers in a long while, because I've been watching the calories.  Maybe that's why I haven't won the bike yet.

But they are into bikes and have a bike & beer event in Phoenix in a few months that I will go to.  Looks like my calories might be over budget that day, so I'll try to go under for a few days surrounding that.

I am doing well this week with my food, but have not worked out in a few days.  Mrs. Clyde has a very stressful situation that she is slogging through and it is a struggle for us.  As of today, she is at the "beginning of the end" phase of this struggle.  No details here, but we are circling the wagons around the Clyde house as much as we can right now and looking forward to happier times in a month or so.   We'll be fine (and I think, we'll even start cycling together!).

I still have Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge weight goal to work toward by Labor Day.   I missed it once before and don't want to fail again.  The iPod Touch still seems so cool, given that I pretty much always have my old iPod Nano with me, but with the Touch, I could track some mileage, log in food to sparkpeople.com, and even catch up on the blog.  Good times.  Guess I better get my tail in gear.

If you have an iTouch, can you tell me how you use it?

Keep moving, everyone!

Big Clyde


Kimberley said...

I certainly hope you win, that would make up for the other bike getting away...

Sorry to hear Mrs. Clyde is having a stressful situation. Sending her some peaceful vibes.

I don't have an iTouch (I don't even have a cell phone), but my son does. I like to bowl on it and finger race. Fun times! No idea how it works!

KJ said...

I've got a Touch, Clyde. I use it all the time. What do you need to know?

I hope things get better at your casa!

Big Clyde said...

Thanks, Kimberley and KJ!

KJ: I guess I am wondering what type of apps you use that could be helpful to you.

William Hanson said...

Good job with good food intake so far this week... keep it up.

Hope all is well with your wife's situation soon.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I use my Touch for music, reading blogs, FB, and Twitter. My kids use it for games.

Barbara said...

Darn! I was hoping you were giving a bike away!:) Oh well, I hope YOU win it.

I hope everything is okay with Mrs. Clyde and that things improve soon.

I don't have an Itouch, but my hubby does and he loves it. I hope you get yours soon!

Katy said...

Gave you an award over at

Al (losingharry) said...

i enjoy a beer every now and then too, Clyde. I figure it still better than enjoying a big mac or two.

Raegun said...

That is a cool bike. Me wantey!

Kyle Gershman said...

You are pretty photoshop talented Mr. Clyde...I certainly hope all goes smoothly with Mrs. Clyde.

Best o' luck on the bike entry!