Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Race Calendar - 2010

Prior to May of 2009, I was never an athlete.  I never played little league or hoops.  I had a few periods in my youth when I would go jogging with a friend, etc. and I did play on the tennis team for two seasons and swim team for one season.  I was never a performer.

In May of 2009, I talked with a friend who is a cycling coach.  He (and many other friends) always ride in a big race in our city each November.  I firmly committed to ride in that race, with the simple goal of crossing the finish line before they called the race at sunset. 

One year later, I have a lot of great experiences behind me and a brighter future ahead.  Who would have thought that a 44-year-old, pizza and candy loving, non-athletic guy would actually have a race calendar?  So, as we are midway through this year, I am going to do a quick look backward at races from this past 6-7 months and do some planning ahead.

11.2009  El Tour de Tucson 35 miles - my first cycling race!  I trained for this since May, '09 and it changed my life, giving me confidence that I should keep going.
1.2010  Casa Grande Century 34 miles - my second cycling race with several friends joining along.
3.2010  Tour de Cure - my first race with one of my kids!  We only got to 12+ miles, due to strong headwinds and rain, but it was a great race for us!
4.2010 Tour of the Tucson Mountains - I bonked on this 28 mile race, but learned a good lesson about eating before and during a race.
6.2010  Meet Me Downtown 5K - my first walk/run race.  I went with my two older kids and we walked it.  57 minutes.  It was a great experience on a very hot, summer night.
6.2010  Bike The Bluff 17 miles - A fun and challenging race.

Just to get it on record, here is a list of the races I'm intending to do for the remainder of the year.

9/6 (Mon)  TMC Saguaro National Park Labor Day 5K or 8-mile Run/Walk
9/18 (Sat)  El Tour de Tucson Adventure Run/Walk 5K or 10K
10/3 (Sun)  Jim Click's Run-N-Roll 8K and 3K Run
10/9 (Sat)  Tour de Fat - cycling/beer event
11/6 (Sat)  CatWalk 5K or 10K
11/20 (Sat) El Tour de Tucson 35-Mile cycling route
11/25 (Thurs)  Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic 5K
12/12 (Sun)  Winterhaven Run Through The Lights 5K

My goal?  Complete a 5K under 35 minutes for the first few races, then try to get it done under 30 minutes by year-end (whether it is an official race, or just a timed event in my own neighborhood).

What are your goals for the second half of this year?


spunkysuzi said...

You have indeed come a long way!!
Can't wait to hear how you do on the upcoming races.

Raegun said...

Wow - you have accomplished so much in such a short time. Very inspiring!

Kyle Gershman said...

You have quite a line up for the rest of year and what a great set of races under your belt too! Awesome.

For me, I'm waiting until we get back to St. Louis to signup for move events. I want to, though.

Kimberley said...

You are a machine! Great job on the completed events and wishing you much success with your upcoming events!

My goals for the second half of this year are the same as the first half...I update them at the end of every month.

Alan said...

That's amazing when you lay it out like that. Planning ahead is definitely motivating.

Matty O said...

Right on! Man you have completed a lot to date already!

Good for you writing down your race calendar! You should put it on the right of your blog to remind you about these goals!

That is a pretty serious goal to shave 5 minutes off your 5k time by year's end. Good luck to you and I believe you can definitely achieve this!

Keep up the good work!

I Said So... said...

Great lineup! Keep up the good work!

Katy said...

I want to do the tour de fat too. Beer and bikes? Yes please

Luke said...

I have the same 5k goal for the year. 30 minutes or bust!!!! Looks like tucson is a great place to be healthy. Seems I have met a lot of blogger athletes from AZ. Is old tucson still there, just curious?

Big Clyde said...

Yes, Old Tucson is still here (though I've never been).

I only recently noticed one Tucson blogger. I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open!

Christina said...

WOW!! That's quite the calendar, my friend. Doesn't it feel good to look at your planned events? :)

5k in 30 minutes? You're crazy!!!! Haha, that is a good goal. I can't imagine a pace under 10-minute miles. You're doing great!

Patrick said...

Clyde - rumor has it you have traded in candy bars for a race calendar? Man it is not easy coming to the reality to be done with candy and its side effects. Candy wont help much in accomplishing a 5K in under 35 minutes, and a calendar probably will. So seems like you know what you are doing. None of those races are sponsored by Snickers are they??

Debbie said...

I like the race calendar. I have one of all the 5k's comming up starting in Sept. in Mississippi. I plan to start walking again then when it is not so hot. I am a whimp.. It is 98 here today in the shade. You have done great though.

Barbara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am very impressed by your calendar. I am also a bit jealous that you live in Arizona and can actually attend races in November and December wihtout freezing your butt off! My goal for this year is to completely run a 5K.

I am also fascinated and impressed by your cycling. I really want to add cycling to my fitness resume some day. I think the main thing holding me back is the $$$ for a good bike. Also, it could be that I haven't really ridden a non-stationary bike since I was 13! Good luck with everything!

Michael McKisson said...

The calendar looks good, but why not try the 66-mile El Tour this year?