Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 5 Friday - Heroes!

Hi everyone!  It is Friday and time for our Top 5 Friday list.  Our heroes reveal our own aspirations and values.  Tell me who you consider to be your heroes and I will learn something about you.  

Two guidelines: 
1.  They don't have to be living today, but I ask that you choose people that lived during the last 50 years, so that their influence is somewhat recent.  Got it?  Abraham Lincoln doesn't get on the list this time.   
2.  I encourage you to consider people that are somewhat famous, just to help the rest of us understand.  That means that Mom, Dad and your track coach wouldn't make this list. 

Let's begin.  Here is my list of people whom I consider to be my personal heroes.

Top 5 Friday - My Heroes!
  1. Bono (justice) - I like U2 (but I just started listening about two years ago).  But I LOVE Bono's passion for working with all levels of society (and music fans) to work together toward assisting the poor.  He is a man of God and is doing the Lord's work (in a leather jacket no less!).
  2. Billy Graham (faith) - He describes himself as a simple preacher, who taught the same message for his entire life.  He has been scandal-free, an advisor to so many Presidents and a very humble man from what I have read.  He shows that faith can be simple, but incredibly strong and impactful to others.
  3. Ray Charles (soul) - He is called "The Genius" and I believe that is a fitting nickname.  He had several challenges that could have stopped him along the way.  Yet, he excelled in several different music genres and brought blacks and whites together through his music and actions.  His music is incredibly soulful and I think that he is the most "iconic American musician" in our nation's history.
  4. Winston Churchill (perserverance) - Though ridiculed by his peers, he continued to present his opinions and eventually woke his country up to the threat of Adolph Hitler.  He is a model of dignity, selflessness and perserverance.
  5. Lance Armstrong (body) - I am not an avid road cyclist, didn't watch much of Tour de France and haven't read his books (yet).  But I am a sucker for guys like Lance (and Bono) that use their fame in one area (music or sports) to benefit a cause that helps others.  Lance not only survived cancer and consequently won the TdF many times, but he used his fame to spread awareness of cancer and to promote cancer research. 
Okay, now it is your turn!  Who you got?


Anonymous said...

Heroes huh...

1. Terry Fox-- a guy who lost a leg to cancer and attempted to run across Canada to raise funds for cancer research. Alas, he sickened and died before he could finish the run.

2. My dog. He has taught me more about love, devotion, loyalty and persistence than any human could.

3. My professor because she came to education late in life and still carved a niche for herself in the Ivory Tower. Her story gives me hope that I might do the same.

4. Bitchcakes, because she did it. Well done.

5. Me. I've changed my life so much in the last few years that I am in awe of my own progress. Now to make sure I don't backslide.


Patrick said...

Mine are...
1- All of the men & women serving/served in the US/Allied armed forces.

2- All Police/Fire/EMT men & women serving/served across the globe.

3- All cancer surviors, those who have battled & fallen, and those working to help slay the beast and prevent others from having to battle it.

4- All of those who have awakened to realize they can be something better than they are today, took action, and made it happen. I've been able to add nicely to the list of names of these people since starting my blogging 104 days ago.

5- The men of the Real Men of Genius campaign (even though I dislike A&B products),
My fave is Mr. Jelly Donut Filler

Katy said...

I'll play!

(5 minutes later) THIS IS HARD!

1) Liz Phair. I love her music, but I love her story and determination even more. She's not some amazing voice, infact her voice and music isn't all that clean sounding, but she started selling her records out of her car after she kept being turned down by record labels. She's like "the peoples" musicion and a great example of what can happen when you believe in yourself.

2)Lance Armstrong-I totally agree with you. People give him a hard time because he's won so many times, but it all come with hard work. After this tour, I love him even more. He could have given up after crashing multiple times putting him totally unable to place, but instead he pushed through and helped his team take first overall!!! That's a good man!

3)yeah, that's all I got for now. Fun to think about though!

Alan said...

Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I'm a wee bit jaded on this topic right now, as sometimes being on a pedestal just means you have further to fall. In 2008, I loved that John Edwards was the only one who really talked about poverty. It was like politics was between the wealthy and the middle class, and the politically savvy thing to do was to ignore the poor (if you don't like Dems, I felt similarly toward Huckabee, AND he lost 110 pounds!). And then Edwards totally disappointed me and showed himself to be a phony. As a baseball fan, it's really hard to believe in guys, as all of the PED scandals come to the surface. (Would your opinion of Lance change if it were proven that he cheated to win? It doesn't undo the good work on cancer, but would undermine his character. Hmm.)

OK, with that being said:

1. My wife. It's amazing all that she gets done for our family.

2. A former boss, for being the most knowledgeable person in our field, and still the most open minded, voracious learner. Most people with a tenth of his knowledge think they know it all.

3. My friend's dad, who I referred to on Sunday, who fought multiple myeloma for 15 years and went much farther with experimental treatments than anyone in his cohort - which will benefit many others down the road. I'm donating to MMRF in his name.

4. At the risk of choosing another famous person, I saw Geoffrey Canada's commercial last night and on the surface he's a "wow". He has converted 100 blocks of Harlem into a hotbed of education and social services.

5. At the risk of choosing another baseball player, Jamie Moyer is a pretty safe bet. His Moyer Foundation is thriving in Seattle and he now plays for my hometown Phillies. And he's 47! With his physique and 82 mile per hour "fastball", I doubt he's used steroids.

Barbara said...

I have been thinking of this all morning since I read your post and didn't want to comment until I had my 5 figured out. It is hard for me to choose 5 people, who are fairly well-known because my true heroes have been people close to me but unknown to the world. Having said that here is the best I could come up with:

1.)Victor Frankl- Author of Man's Search for Meaning and concentration camp survivor. I read his book as a teenager and was fascinated with his story. He is proof of how much the human spirit can overcome.

2.)Following the theme of WWII here. I consider all those who risked their lives to hide or protect Jews during that time great heroes. Corrie Ten Boom comes to mind.

3.) Gordon B. Hinckley- Prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for many years. I am a member of this church and President Hinckley helped educate the general public about the church and our beliefs more than any other person. He spoke to a lot of media and answered a lot of questions. He did so in a graceful manner and was never disrespectful to others' beliefs, yet always stood by ours. He also oversaw the construction of over 100 of our temples.

Now for a couple less serious ones:

4.) Ellen Degeneres- She makes me laugh and watching her dance at the intro of her show makes me happy. She seems like a kind, sincere woman who enjoys making others happy. I love it when she gives things away on her show because she seems almost as excited about it as the people are. I think the world needs more happiness and laughter and that is why she is a kind of hero to me.

5.) Wil Smith- Actor/Musician/Producer/etc.etc. He seems to do it all and has WORKED hard to get his fame and fortune. I admire the relationship he has with his wife and kids (at least the way it appears). Recently, I saw an interview with him and he said,
‎"If you're not making someone else's life better, then you are wasting your time!"
I admire him for that statement and the way he seems to make up for it.
Besides he makes me laugh!

I really liked your list a lot. I guess Lance Armstrong was the only one that I wondered about. All the "allegations" bother me. I always have a hard time separating that kind of stuff away from athletic (or other professional) accomplishments. In fact, I almost put Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie on my list because of their great humanitarian efforts. But I'm still mad at them for breaking Jen's heart. :)

headbandlady said...

I nominated you for The Versitile Blogger award go to my blog to get the info...and thanks for always posting....I ♥ your blog....I ♥ your honesty....and you really make me laugh!!! Laughing is good for my soul!!!

Kimberley said...

1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Martin Luther King
3. Rosa Parks
4. Gandhi
5. Pope John Paul II

Kyle Gershman said...

Ok...I'd like to play along, but perhaps the most telling thing is that I can't really put a finger on people I find heroic.

Hmm...have I become that jaded about things?

This is something that I will think about...yes.

Anonymous said...

People aren't really paying attention to your rules, are they? No LIncoln, no track coaches, nobody's listening.

Bono for "justice"? A little arch for me. Ray Charles for soul? Big Clyde, come on. Can you be more on the nose?

As to the talk of Lance and *if* the allegations prove true, what does that mean? Well, Lance has already proven that he is a dick. That he has no character - he left his wife who stood by him during his cancer battle to run off with a rock star, who he then left right when she got cancer.

That said, Livestrong has raised almost a quarter of a Billion dollars for cancer research. That money would have never been donated without Lance and his idea for the foundation. So whether he proves to be a cheater (even a decade ago) or not, he's still a dick, but we all still owe him a big thank you.

My list? You probably don't care by now, I'm such a cynical guy, but here it is:
1 - Jackie Robinson
2 - Gale Sayers
3 - Butterfly McQueen
4 - Branch Rickey
5 - People who pick up other people's trash


Big Daddy Diesel said...

As for Lance, I then highly suggest you dont research him. I have all the respect in the workd for him, but it coulda been swayed after reading 4 different books about him