Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weigh In, Reflections, and Another Lazy River

It has been about one month since my last official weigh-in and I have lost 1 pound over the past month.  I am now at 294.  For a variety of reasons I have mentioned earlier, I have just not been as hardcore as I was in previous months.  It seems a bit depressing, but there are times, like today when I feel okay about it.   As The Big Lebowski himself said "The Dude abides".

I attended a funeral yesterday.  One of my closest friend's father passed away.  He was a great man and I was around him many times over the past year.  The funeral was very moving and had its joyous moments, but this is my third July funeral in three years and I find that they hit me pretty hard emotionally (maybe I am finally becoming a softie).   I sat there with my wife, daughter and two boys and just felt a tremendous amount of gratitude for my life, my family and friends, my health, and God. 

I didn't consciously think of my weight/fitness improvements during this time, but after the service, I saw some people that I hadn't seen since April.  Paul said "my gosh, you have lost a ton of weight!? did you do this so fast?  I saw you in April and you look so different!".   My friend Alesha has been in Italy for the past month and she felt I looked different since before her trip.

So, I won't go into depression about a measly 1 pound loss over the last month, eventhough I had gotten used to losses of 12-13 pounds per month.  As some of you have suggested, if this a stressful time (and I am very healthy otherwise), then I should just let it be for now and abide (one of my favorite words)

My goal for this 3-day weekend is to just enjoy myself and time with the family.  We got a great deal on a weekend stay at a lazy river resort.  This is our fourth stay at a place like this and it seems a great way for us to hang out with the kids in our hot desert sun...away from the computer and blackberry and ipods, keeping cool as we float along on innertubes, talking and splashing along under the palm trees.  I know not everyone can do this either and we are grateful for the brief luxury of it all.

I am also grateful to everyone of you that encourages and advises me.  Some of you I have known in person for years, and some of you are my new and valuable friends in this odd blogging world.  But I thank you all for caring enough about me to float along with me on this journey I'm on. 

Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope that you can experience some peace and fun this weekend.

Big Clyde


Kimberley said...

Slow and steady wins the race and sometimes life does get in the way. Funerals are hard, but they do provide a time to reflect on what we are doing here and what we need to get done.

The lazy river looks like somewhere I could spend some time. Enjoy your family time!

Kyle Gershman said...

Sorry for your loss, but sometimes some new strength can come from respecting the passing of loved ones.

Will there be any cannonballs at the Lazy River? Might as well see if you can swamp someone on an inner-tube.

Debby said...

This ride can get quite turbulent. We all need to lash our rafts together and hang on tight!

I'm so jealous of that palm tree thing...that's why we're selling up in Michigan and gonig to live full time in FL. Yep, can't wait!!!

Enjoy your family time. They are fleeting.

Alan said...

Sorry to hear about the tough run of funerals for you. I like your "abide" philosophy. Comparing yourself to 12-13 pound loss months is not realistic or sustainable. I see too many WL bloggers hold themselves to standards such as this. You will get there, in the time that is right for you and your body.

Christina said...

Woohoo!!! Have a great vacation!! I am just a tad bit envious. :)

One pound in a month, and your focus hasn't really been on weight loss? Well, that's not horrible. How much weight would the old Clyde have gained in a month like this one? You've made a ton of progress. It sounds like people are noticing that progress!! Keep truckin', Clyde!!

Jennifer said...

This is an incredibly insightful, balanced post. I applaud you Clyde! I hope your family weekend is amazing. This life, it is a marathon - an ultra marathon if we are lucky - not a sprint. You're rockin' it.

Kim Ayres said...

Just popped across to say thankyou for taking the time to comment on my blog.

Sorry to hear of the funerals - these things sap motivation, and if you comfort eat, will throw eating plans awry.

I've not looked through your blog yet, but my approach has been to focus on healthy eating. So at each decision point, we think about whether what we are eating or doing and say is this the healthier option?

What happens then is the weight comes off as a side effect of being healthy, and it means we don't get tempted into doing any short-term silly diets that are unsustainable.

Wishing you every success on your journey :)

Patrick said...

Hey Clyde, I have an award for you on my blog...

Massive Marcus said...

Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.

I'm sorry to hear about your friends dad. I recently went through the same thing with a friend of mines mom. I wasn't very close to her but I had an awful time trying to find the right words to console my friend.

Sometimes these unavoidable facts of life can help us to take a step back and gain perspective on our lives. Our time is precious, let's make the most of it without having regrets.