Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me (Blog Awards)

Recently, I have received three blog awards from Katy (http://projectlookgoodnaked.blogspot.com/), Patrick (http://responsibility199.blogspot.com/) and Headbandlady.  Thanks for the frequent (and funny comments) on this blog and for very motivating posts on yours.

These awards, (the Versatile Blogger and the Sugar Doll award), have come in during a tough spell for us here at the Clyde house, so I have been behind in my blogging efforts recently.  So, I will do my best here to catch up and combine the two awards with a list of 10 things you didn't already know about me.  (I promise all of this is entirely true.)

  1. I've ridden in the Goodyear Blimp.

  2. I taught myself to play bass guitar when I turned 40 years old.

  3. I speak Japanese fluently and lived there in my early 20's.

  4. I was a white-water rafting guide one summer during college.  It was Pop-Tarts and beer for breakfast every day and you could pee wherever you wanted to.  Good times.

  5. I've climbed to the top of two pyramids near Mexico City.

  6. I was recruited by the CIA to be an undercover agent abroad, posing as a businessman ("commercial officer").  Mrs. Clyde was likely going to be recruited in as well after we got settled into our assignment.  We declined (or did we?!).

  7. I've eaten coffee beans (cherries) right off the tree at a coffee plantation in Kona, Hawaii.

  8. My parents had me medically tested at a university hospital in Seattle to see if I was "developmentally disabled" (though the term that was used at that time in the early 80's was "retarded").  This was due to my parents' concern that developed while they were teaching me how to drive right before my 16th birthday.  After a full day of medical testing, the results confirmed that I am not retarded.  (FYI, my mother was a Special Education teacher only a few years prior to my testing).  Thanks, Mom.

  9. I have a kind and wonderful wife (married almost 20 years) and three beautiful kids...all of whom are really better people than me.  If I never accomplish another thing in my life, I am proud of myself for just being associated with them (and for not messing them up).

  10. I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.  I am nowhere near where He would like me to be, but He loves me anyway.   He loves every one of us, whether we know/believe in him, or not.  And NO ONE, not even "strong Christians" are "holy" without him.  I believe that we are all equal in terms of God's love for us...he just wants us to be in a relationship with him, through his Son.
And now, for the dirty business of awarding this to other bloggers.  Many of you who are reading this have been given awards before, so I'll offer up an open invitation:  Please feel free to write a post with some revealing things that help us get to know each other.  I'll call out three of my friends that really started blogging with me this year (that to my knowledge haven't received awards).  Christina, Al, and MM...want to play along?  For others that I am missing, please tell us more about you!

Thanks for following along, everyone!

Big Clyde


Kyle Gershman said...

Yeah...You could be "Chuck" for sure...great getting to know you better Mr. Clyde.

Kimberley said...

I always enjoy these lists and finding out new things about people.

You seem like a really good person who is a heck of a lot of fun!

FatBastard said...

Good list Clyde! The Goodyear Blimp? That's awesome, I'd so love to do that one.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Congrats on your "Sugar Doll" :-)

Matty O said...

Great list! Would have never guessed any of those haha, well except that you are Christian, you seem kind hearted and wholesome. I am right there with ya on that one!

Sounds like you have led an interesting life thus far, keep it up and stay active!

Jennifer said...

#4 made me laugh! but 9 and 10 made me smile. Big Smiles. Great post. Great Blogger.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for sharing

Neighbor Ted said...

Although I already know, I would believe that most of the others would love to know more about the occasionally wearing dresses thing?

Neighbor Ted said...

you left that one out

Al (losingharry) said...

Clyde...I self taught myself the bass guitar too about 10 years ago...good to find a fellow bassist out there.

Thanks for the nomination...I'll do my best to throw some dirty laundry out there.

Caratunk Girl said...

Clyde - I was a white water raft guide for 8 years!! So funny! Great list.

headbandlady said...

I can not believe no one made a mention of #8 -- I am laughing so hard tears are falling....and I can not contain my laughter...being a parent, and teaching your kids to drive...is difficult...but, your parents actually had you tested to see if you were "retarded" -- that is the best!!!!! Even if your mom was a special ed teacher.....Oh...Clyde...that post made my day!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

goingfor96 said...

Awesome list of 10 things!

Raegun said...

Congrats! I almost spit water out my nose when I looked at the pic of Andre and imagined him wearing a sparkly Sugar Doll t-shirt, LOL.
Very intriguing list, Mr Clyde!

Bookgirl95 said...

I still think you should have accepted that CIA offer. :)