Thursday, August 5, 2010

32 Days Left in Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge!

A quick update on activity for Tuesday, Wednesday and goals for today.

  • My big chainring wasn't working during Monday's ride, so the HUCC-B (my bike) is now in the shop.  I will get it back at the end of today.  I generally ride in the middle chainring, but read someone's blog where they commented about how they ride in the big chainring to get a better workout.   I started doing that, but maybe I damaged it somehow.  Above is a picture of the bike shop tech evaluating if I can use an even bigger chainring.  Big boys ride big bikes, right?

  • Tuesday's calories:  1,588.  Wednesday's calories:  1853.

  • Tuesday's cardio:  5K in 44 minutes  (ran the first mile in 11 minutes, but walked most of the rest.  For me, that burned about 600 calories!)

  • Wednesday's cardio: stepping on platform at home for 45 minutes (burned about 600 calories).

  • Joining me on this challenge: Al from and ZeusMeatball from  Both of these guys are about to hit new personal lows and we get to see it happen over the next month.  Please cheer them on!  Also, my buddy Dan who just learned about this blog.  In for 20?  Nice, man!  E-mail me at if you want to connect or call me.  J can text you the number or you can e-mail me your cell. And yesterday, joined in to drop 12-13 pounds!
Finally, I just want to assure some of you about blog writing vs. bike riding.  I like both.  I like blogging enough that there are times in the evenings and weekends that I write a few sentences for posts that will be in draft form for weeks or months.  Yes, they require some time, but it is time usually spent across several weeks, not hours.  Same for the pictures that I post.  I have many amusing pics that I have found and just saved for use on the blog someday.  So, please don't be concerned that I am sitting each night cranking out fresh posts and losing valuable workout time.  Some of this bread was put in the oven long ago.  Thanks.


Kimberley said...

Chainring, bread in the oven...what is this stuff? Just kidding. If I don't know, it is probably for the best.

Great work on the calories and the workouts!!! You are going to rock the iTouch challenge.

Thanks for letting me know about your interest in yoga. I am going to do a post all about it one day soon.

Patrick said...

Clyde, Thanks for your gracious thoughts of support on my blog!

Seems like you are getting that cardio in - are you feeling it? Feelin good??

Congrats on those awards too - they look great on you! Nice list of 10 things too... a japanese speaking pyramid climbing machine!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Another vintage pic! Like it.

I'm not in a position to join you on this challenge, but it's great that you're doing it and others are stepping up as well. Your blog is making a difference.

Fat Daddy said...

Making biking even more challenging? What an animal! I'm still just thrilled to be riding, even in the gears that make it as easy as I can.

My blogging is feast and famine. Sometimes I'll have things in the can for days in advance. And others I'm barely able to keep up with the days.

RockStarTri said...

I'm away so just checking in quickly. Don't be concerned about which gear you are in while riding. That's mostly determined by your fitness level, desired effort and the terrain.

I feel workout time is about balance. Workouts should not consume your life or all your time. Get your work in and move on to the next life agenda item. Too much working out will get you hurt.

PS: I also write posts and schedule them to be posted in the future.

Yvonne said...

Big Clyde,
Keep up the good work! You are looking better each time I see you! I am supporting Dan and think I will be losing some weight in the process as well.

Scuttleboose said...

Hi Clyde - I have been following your blog for a few days, and really enjoy your humor. Well, and The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies EVER (anybody want a peanut?)... Keep up the great work and thanks for the laughs!
:) Scuttleboose

William Hanson said...

Good job on the calorie burns... that's awesome.

Michael said...

I just wanted to share a thought about using the big ring. It does make the pedals harder to turn, which would make it seem like a better workout.

It isn't the kind of workout you want, right now. You want to be spinning, which means you have low resistance, but you turn the pedals faster.

Doing that is more aerobic and will burn more calories. The other way will increase the muscles in your legs, which is good, but not really what you are after right now.

Plus it is a quick way to get injured. Low resistance and high cadence is your friend.

Not sure if you've been reading the forum for clydes at, but it is great.