Monday, August 2, 2010

34 Days Left in Mrs. Clyde's iTouchallenge!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!  Let's see how this goes.  I will gladly accept your suggestions and may reach out to you if I feel I am somehow challenged.   For now, I feel focused and should do well this week.  I'll do a quick update at the end of each day (at least for awhile).  Weigh-in day is Saturday for me.

Saturday - rode 18 miles on the bike, ate well.
Sunday - no cardio, ate well.

Monday (today) - 1,862 calories and logged it into I drank lots of water.   Also, I rode 10 miles on the bike with Crazy Jim after work tonight.   We started a bit too late and it got dark, so 10 miles will have to do.   I also found out that I have some problem with my large chain ring, so I'll run it into the shop tomorrow and should get it back by the end of the day.

Here is a pic of me and Crazy Jim on our ride!

Tuesday (tomorrow's) goals:  1,700 calories.  I'll go for a run tomorrow morning and hopefully another ride tomorrow night. 

By the way, ZeusMeatball is going to join me and lose the 16 pounds as well by Labor Day.  Follow the link and watch his progress.  Anyone else want to join me as we do this?  Tailor it however you like, but I feel that this could be a pretty fun party train!   Let us know if you want to jump on!

Big Clyde

P.S.  I must say that one of my favorite things about doing this blog is using these pictures of Andre the Giant that I have collected since I started The Clydesdale Project.  How hysterical is it to see Andre on a bike?!  I love the picture and I hope it made you smile too.


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

I was going to comment on the pic even before I got to the P.S. Yes, that's a cool find. Did they have a giant box of Andre the Giant pictures at that pawn shop that had the cruiser? This one is a classic! And you are taking the bull by the horns, my friend.

Big Clyde said...

Alan, I love that pic too. Andre looks great, but what is with the crazy friend? I think he's a leprachaun.

And you had to bring up the cruiser!?! That loss still breaks my heart (but I'm pretty sure it would have put me in dutch with my wife).

I may use your itunes idea. Seems fun!

wendyinjapan said...

Way to go Clyde!
I want to get a bicycle. My fiancé has one but it has a flat. Reading about your bike riding has convinced me to put the pressure on him to get it fixed so I can ride it :) I'm sure he'll thank you for that!

CactusFreek said...

Hey :o)
Oh my, you are doing sooooo well! Do you live on a flat area?
My bike hurts my butt, and i have the spongiest seat available. What would you suggest to ease butt pain?

Matty O said...

Keep up the great work! The pounds will slowly melt off as you stay active!

I am hoping you get the Itouch!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Great bike! Didn't realize that a bike with a banana seat would have a large and small chainring. Must be custom. Looks like a compact setup as well, though the bars are plenty upright for comfortable riding.

Al (losingharry) said...

Alright! I'm in for 20 pounds by labor day.

Keep up the great work,'ll get there.

Raegun said...

That is an awesome picture! It sounds like you're staying really active - you will do it!!!

Kyle Gershman said...

This might be the most postumus exposure the big guy has gotten. I still like watching his role in Princess Bride.

Oh...10 miles is nothing to sneeze at. well done.

Dan said...

Ok i'm in for 20... Glad we are not looking at it as a % reduction...

goingfor96 said...

I love Andre The Giant!

My second goal, though I removed 'due dates', was to reach 240 by Labor Day. I'm 12-13 pounds from there, but would like to join the challenge! I think it will take the entire month to reach it, but I'm in. Let's do it!